Pretty Lightning
(The Magic Lane of Light and Rain)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Psychedelic rock, Garage rock
Sounds Like:
The Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Wooden Shijps
Pretty Lighting from Germany have been steadily rising in our rotation over the past year and their latest offering The Magic Lane of Light and Rain just solidifies this even more. The follow up from 2012’s There Are Witches in the Woods continues Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas’ vision of formulating trippy, lo-fi psychedelic garage rock that will consume its listeners. The duo seems to have honed in on their psychedelic side as it’s a bit more laid back and trippier than the previous, which makes this a very captivating album.

Track Listing:
1. Bow Low - 4:03
2. Marble Moon - 3:05
3. Woodlands - 3:59
4. Hypnooze -3:24
5. Good Old Liar - 3:39
6. Moonshine Blooze - 3:25
7. A Gift From A Bone To A Bell - 5:20
8. The Rainbow Machine - 4:05
9. The Hobo Theme - 3:26
10. Graveyard Howls - 8:14

The first song “Bow Low” sets the bluesy hallucinogenic tone for the album. The soft echoed vocals really add to the psychedelics that are being thrown down. The low-toned echoed vocal style is a technique used throughout the entire album which helps give them their signature sound. The second track has a faster tempo and introduces some mesmerizing synths, it’s a terrific song that resembles the great Wooden Shijps. “Woodlands” brings back that dirty psychedelic blues sound, the guitar has a natural raw quality that will stick with you, there is no cleansing yourself from this track. The next song, “Hypnooze” is exactly how it sounds, its repetitive nature is extremely hypnotic, and your mind may actually drift away for a moment. This takes us to “Good Old Liar” and boy this one is good. The drumming here is powerful and steady, the chimes also lend a hand in elevating the song. Crank this one up a couple notches, you’ll probably hear something new with every listen.

The album really starts to get way out there with “Moonshine Blues,” ”A Gift From A Bone To A Bell” and “The Hobo Theme,” these three are very spacey, perhaps they could be labeled as psychedelic hypnotic blues. “The Rainbow Machine” takes us back to the psychedelic blues touch we have come accustomed to. The rhythm in the vocals is very alluring on this song and the soft, trippy style really draws the listener in.  Closing the album is the tremendous “Graveyard Howls” and this one will seed within you, its eight-plus minutes of spaced-out blues. The slide guitar and synths really inject this one with some wonderful colors, it’s a great song to close out our experience.

Pretty Lightning has come through once again with an unusual entertaining album. Their blend of psychedelics, blues and garage rock really set the bar high. They have taken what Black Keys and The Black Angels started and took it a step further into their own psychedelic realm. - 6/19/2015

Standout Tracks:
Marble Moon, Woodlands, Graveyard Howls
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