Something Involving A Monkey
(Dive Into the Great Blue Waffle)
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Swing-core, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
Scatterbrain, Mordred, Faxed Head
Chaotic comedic angles weave there way through Something Involving a Monkey's (hereafter SIAM) sophomore album Dive Into the Great Blue Waffle.  After overcoming some very difficult times through the passing of their drummer Todd Ankrom on December 30, 2011 from an apparent heart attack (coupled with shingles complications) the band persevered. Maintaining their jovial hardcore sound, the band's second full-length album contains 18 tracks and a boatload of entertaining variety.
Their sound can best be described as hardcore fused with uptempo swing and grind-core. For those that remember the band Scatterbrain from the early 1990s, SIAM may be a refreshing update with a much harder edge. The album is well produced and can challenge any good speaker system with the range of sound and intensity involved.
Track Listing:
1. It Was Dead When I Found It
2. Cookin Da Spleen
3. (Hold On) I'm Confused
4. Eye
5. There is No Ice Cream (But We Have Cookies)
6. Good Example of a Bad Day
7. Gourmet Poverty
8. 4th Down
9. (Fuck You) Octave
10. Cute N Fluffy
11. Puns Are Fun
12. Elluva Guy
13. Rick Todd Farson
14. Old Banana
15. Ununderstood
16-We Don't Care (That Much)
17. Parannoyed
18. Dive Into the Great Blue Waffle
Run Time - 50:23
It would be far to long for us to give you a blow by blow description of each track. Instead, we have included our top three tracks off the album below :
3rd Best Track: #6 "Good Example of a Bad Day" - We are going to go out on a limb here and say that SIAM are fans of Mike Patton. The influence is quite clear on this one.  This is a very fulfilling track with its ability to really bring things down and up very to a very very heavy level. The synthesizers provide a very eerie back drop and the rhythms on the track are very inventive.
2nd Best Track: #8 "4th Down" - This track brings us back to the days of Powerman 5000 featuring some tremendous grinding grooves and extremely catchy melodies. The track conjures up a variety of additional influences including Infectious Grooves and Mr. Bungle. To top it off they pull off working in a kazoo (quite well we must add).
Best Track: #17 - "Parannoyed" - Over seven minutes of carnival chaos carried out in a very intelligent way. The change-ups on this track are terrific. The song has a dark edge to it and also finds a way to work in a symphony of kazoos... brilliant! What is most impressive about this track is that the band is able to pull in drastic swings of tempo and heaviness but avoids going over the top. Instead the diverse mix of piano, exotic percussion, and a great bass-line work cap the track off into a riveting crescendo.
We must say one thing, it is very difficult to impress us within this genre. SIAM have found a way to pull it off. Our problem with this style of music is that it tends to be over-the-top slapstick and headache inducing. Instead, Dive Into the Great Blue Waffle is a very diverse and intricate piece of work that balances chaos with sheer craftsmanship. Fans of hardcore and bands that put a ton of effort into their work should absolutely pick this one up. 7/31/2015

Standout Tracks: Parannoyed, Good Example of a Bad Day, 4th Down
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