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Doom, Sludge
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Monolord, Elder, Sleep
Waft's debut album Chronolith wreaks of authentic doom sludge. The only twist within the fumes of Chronolith is that Waft deviates from the repetitive simplicity of the genre and offers up a shitload of variety and detail. The quartet hails from South Carolina and have delivered an album fit for veterans of the doom universe.

The independent release runs approximately 33 minutes but packs a wallop of doom detail avoiding any notion of redundancy or boredom. Chronolith leaves little time for your mind to wander nor does it trigger involuntary yawns as many of its counterparts in the genre do. Ultimately the band's scent emanates a distinctive formula all their own rooted through influences by Sleep and Om.

1. Eternal Sigh 04:57
2. Pompous 07:06
3. G.C.C.G. 05:16
4. Warpaint 05:53
5. Southern Sky 02:59
6. Alamut 07:35

The opening track "Eternal Sigh" exemplifies the diversity Waft diffuses. Midstream the track hits eternal sludge lows and then cranks back up with vigor and intensity. This track feels like four songs in one and you get tremendous bang for your buck in the five minutes.

"Pompous" begins with a majestic melody on a simple chord that rings consistently through the track disguised in various forms. At about the four minute mark the song shifts to a vibrant percussion interlude. The contrast here is riveting and the overall production and sound really impresses us for an independent release.

Intense vocals on "G.C.C.G" shine . Perhaps one of the heavier more simplistic tracks off the album. The intensity continues on "Warpaint." This track features a bass solo that reminds us of something off of Holy Mountain. A true delight in a good set if headphones.

On "Southern Sky" we see again the talents of Waft as they provide depth and texture to an under three minute track . Absolutely no filler on this album and our heads tilt skyward in contemplation.

The closing track "Alamut" is complex in its multiple layers. An absolute gem of a track that will invigorate the listener as it gets more and more rotations. Distorted spoken word actually works within the track an interesting touch to the seven minute closer. Very dark fumes emanate in the last two minutes.

Waft is:
Alex Angell
D. Johnson
Adam Garrett
Zach Newton

Perhaps a better name for Waft would be Engulf. Rather than a gentle movement through the air, Waft fumes engulf the listener taking them along for a very powerful and well produced 33 minutes. Chronolith is a refreshing addition to a genre that has grown a bit stale over the last few years. Waft has a tremendous future ahead and it would not surprise us if they become the thought leaders within the genre down the road. We look forward to tracking their endeavors. - 9/15/2015

Standout Tracks: Pompous, Alamut, Southern Sky
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