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Viking metal, Folk metal, Power metal
Sounds Like:
Amon Amarth, Dragonland, Finntroll
After seeing this album cover, we pretty much knew what we were getting into, a mixed bag of Viking power metal. And we were correct; Valhalore’s debut EP is just this. The band which hails from Australia, has released an entertaining three song EP that will bring out your inner Viking soul. It may not be groundbreaking, but they do a good job at welding together these power metal genres.

The first track, “Malice of Illusion” is an epic cut that features classic power metal themes of Viking battle tales. The way they infuse the mandolin and whistles into this one is a great touch. The song travels between various stages of Celtic folk, power metal, progressive metal and even power death, great variety can be found here. Track two “Augury of Death” will make you want to saddle up on your war horse into battle. It features some very infectious acoustics coupled with more typical power metal in vein of bands like Amon Armarth and Finntroll. The last song, “Across the Frozen Ocean” is more Epic power metal with lyrics of Middle Earth realms. At times it can be too dramatic, which is common in the land of Viking metal, but they do a good job of keeping thy ears entertained.

While many bands sound very similar to one another in this genre, Valhalore gives us something to cheer for. The way they blend these styles of metal is impressive for a new band and perhaps they can in time hone in on a style they can call their own. - 10/16/2015

Band Members:
Lachlan Neate - Vocals/Cello/Mandolin
Anthony Willis - Guitar
Michael Eastwood - Guitar/Vocals
Sophie Christensen - Tin Whistle/Low Whistle
Matthew Grimley - Bass
Blake Jackson – Drums

Standout Tracks:
Malice of Illusion, Augury of Death
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