(Honour Blood Spirit and Love )
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Death Metal
Sounds Like:
Oranssi Pazuzu, Marduk
Death metal band logo with this beautifully ominous scenery, how can we pass this up? Vargafrost from New Zealand has just released their second album with Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love. What we have here is classic Death metal or what the band likes to call it, Heathen Black Metal. Much of the songs here sound very similar to one another, which is a common theme in Death metal. The songs are extremely heavy, with swift power drumming, metallic flying v guitars and harsh death metal-like vocals with a hollowed echoed effect. One disappointing feature is the low volume of the bass, it feels overshadowed by everything else. We couldn’t imagine what this could sound like with a deep rich and distinctive bass, it would definitely add some needed depth and could work beautifully hand-in-hand with the drumming.

Track Listing:
1. The Great Carven Stones 07:49
2. Volvaress 04:13
3. Odin's Sacrifice 03:41
4. Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love 05:42
5. The Light of Baldr 04:53
6. Vidarr Arising 05:17
7. Dis Forvitin 04:43
8. Ask and Embla 05:22
9. The Ravens 03:10
10. Thursmegin 05:06
11. The Return 05:12

You probably get the picture of what kind of album this is, so we’ll highlight some of the unique moments Vargafrost has to offer. Track four “Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love” goes off the beaten Death metal path for a moment or two, with some infectious rhythms. This one could really benefit from a louder bass, it would really enhance the sound. “Vidarr Arising” goes into some doom territory, which a nice change of pace, still the bass needs to be cranked up, this is the last time we’ll mention this, as it’s a common issue throughout. The song “Ask and Embla” starts off bad, but goes into typical death metal fashion quickly. The song “Thursmegin” could be the best track, it goes in so many subtle directions and is quite involved.  Closing the album is “The Return” with its monumental combo of doom and death, a very engrossing finally.

So, there you have it, Vargafrost is a decent Death metal album that is not groundbreaking, but makes for a good listen once in a while. The lack of bass really brings this one down a few notches. You’ll just have to turn up the bass knob on your stereo to make up for the difference. - 10/23/2015

Band Members:
Asken Heidulfsen - Vocals
Julian W.R. - Guitars
Levi Sheehan - Bass
J.J. Vanner - Drums

Standout Tracks: Thursmegin, Vidarr Arising
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