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Green Jinn
Full Review and Video Clip
Rotation Radar
by Death Pedals
Punk, Noise rock, Psychedelic
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
No Teef
(Hot Egg)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Math Rock
Sounds Like:
Aucan, Blind Idiot God
Give it up to one of the best band names that we have encountered in a long time.  Welcome math rock enthusiasts, No Teef, hailing from Darwen, UK. We are not going to buy into yet another attempt at a new genre in calling this ‘dork rock’. Nope, this is straight shooting math rock to the core. The foursome display impressive talent on their debut five track journey.

Track Listing:
1. Midnightmare - 2:38
2. We’ll Have a Think, Eh? - 2:15
3. Where the Fuck is Liam? - 2:25
4. All the Single Ladies - 2:25
5. A Pain in the Arse - 2:39

At first glance, this may appear to be a fuck-around EP just slapped together by four dudes in their garage. Not the case. Hot Egg is short, but loaded with vibrant sound, complex change-ups, and stellar percussion. Dale Grogan on drums has some jaw-dropping moments throughout this EP.  

Our favorite track is "All The Single Ladies" a whirlwind of grooves and a dope ass shoegaze culmination. Very cool track. Runner up track going to "Where the Fuck is Liam?" which features some very poignant contrasts and a bit more on the heavy dark side.

Band Members:
Dale Grogan - Drums
Liam Corran - Bass
Iain Rutherford - Guitar
Jordan Howard - Guitar

No Teef have a bright future ahead of them. Tight sound and a boatload of energy could take them far within the math-rock world. Would love to see them branch out a little further, perhaps blending in some distorted vocals saturated with echo or some shit like that. These dorks are anything but. - 11/5/2015

Standout Tracks: All the Single Ladies, Where the Fuck is Liam?

Label: Sunbird Records
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