Rumour Cubes
(Appearances of Collections)
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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Seven Mile Journey, Explosions in the Sky, Dawn Chorus Ignites
The six piece London-based instrumental act delivers an album rich with expansive melodies and a refreshing take on the post rock world. Hannah Morgan and Terry Murphy lead the way via utterly captivating viola and violin interplay. The strings are further complimented through heartfelt piano and a cacophony of swirling guitars. The results on Appearances of Collections are impressive and will add a new element to you post rock library.

Track Highlights:
1. Seven Year Glitch (5:19) - A splendid opener that wets our appetite for the viola and violin harmony to follow. The percussion is intense and builds to a very cool contrast and soft ending.

2. Hiyat (6:08) - This track delivers a whirlwind of sound. Rhythmic Latino percussion provides for a very interesting perspective as the weeping strings continue their story.

3. There Is A Crack In Everything (3:47) - One of the mellowest tracks on the album filled with sorrow. Elements of shoegaze bleed through towards the end of the track. Quite powerful.

4. A Homecoming (6:40) - Talk about a fitting title on an instrumental. Wow, the imagery this track creates is sensational. An instrumental story where our minds conjure up a story of absence and return.

5. Do Not Go Gently (5:54) - Perhaps a take on the poem by Dylan Thomas ultimately feels like a Windham Hill nugget that morphs into a very dark turn if events. Tremendous change-ups on this track.

6. Strange Lines And Distances (7:15) - We hear jazz influences throughout this track all set to a backdrop of what is Americana. A very warm track that has vivid violin work at the helm.

7. Your House Isn't Haunted, You're Lonely (8:26) - One of the more experimental tracks is a journey through new and inventive tones. This track typifies the diversity and texture to this album.

8. Research and Destroy (5:13) - A steady build ensues on this track. We hear a mysterious and skeptical theme throughout. Sounds like something out of a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

9. That's How The Light Gets In (4:33) - Interestingly enough the band ends on a very simple and matter of fact note. Perhaps the most straightforward track on the album allows us to reflect on the last eight amazing tracks.

Rumour Cubes talent lies in their ability to deliver post rock in a light that does not tire. We cannot tell you the last time that we encountered a post rock album that had no pockets of boredom. These six talented musicians know how to captivate their audience with a formula that is heartfelt and original.

Band Members:
Joe Bartlett: Bass
Jay Malhotra: Guitar, Piano, Synths
Hannah Morgan: Violin, Vocals, Synths
Terry Murphy: Viola, Keyboard, Glockenspiel, Guitar, Bowed Banjo
Omar Rahwangi: Drums
Adam Stark: Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Synthesizers, Electronics

Standout Tracks: Do Not Go Gently, Seven Year Glitch, A Homecoming
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