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Post rock
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We Own The Sky, Pyramids with Nadja, Explosions in the Sky
There is no question we are big fans of Post-rock. We spend quite a bit of time weeding through the crap as there are new bands popping up left and right in this genre. Thanks to our due diligence and vetting process we do come across some really solid post rock bands that stand above the rest. Well what distinguishes the good from the bad in our eyes? Two words... 'majestic'... 'variety'. The two words that describe Solkyri's new album

Post rock enthusiasts and Australian natives, Solkyri,  shine on their sophomore release entitled Sad Boys Club. Having thoroughly enjoyed their debut Where Are You My Brother we were fired up for this one. There is a fair amount of contrast between this album and their debut. Most notably being the increased intensity on the new album which can partially be attributed the the addition of a fourth member/guitarist. While we enjoyed the diversity on the first album, Sad Boys Club packs much more punch and even more contrast. This is a post rock band with a very big sound utilizing piano, bells and string instruments to support the central guitar rhythms.

1. Team Solar  
2. Yes, I'm Breathing  
3. Kidnapped  
4. Sad Boys  
5. Beyond The Use Of Men  
6. I Felt Unsafe, I Felt At Home  
7. Odmoriti  
8. Be Good, I Love You  
9. Forrah  
10. Farewell Bluebird

All ten tracks offer up precision and loftiness. "Yes. I'm Breathing" is perhaps one of the top two tracks on the album. Sensational intro with rhythmic clapping that morphs into melodic wonder. Warmth penetrates to the surface as the melody really develops quite intricately. The track goes on two distinct tangents, but circles right back for a very tight ending. "I Felt Unsafe, I Felt At Home" also percolated to the top for us. The melancholy piano intro slowly is intertwined with soft guitar and bells. After a few minutes in the intensity builds along with some very dark feedback and fuzz. Enter the percussion section and alas Solkyri is in full swing. The track is inspiring to say the least.

Adam Mostek
Andrew Pearsall
Nick Hall
Ryan Fitz-Henry

The four Aussie's have delivered a very elaborate post rock release that dares to accentuate piano and string accompaniment with their guitar backbone. True composers that enjoy the heavy side of rock, but even more impressively have a vision that combines some very complex arrangements. Grab this one on Bandcamp and put it in your heavy rotation. - 1/3/2015

Standout Tracks: Yes, I'm Breathing, I Felt Unsafe, I Felt At Home, Sad Boys
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