Gin Lady
(Call The Nation)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Sounds Like:
The Tragically Hip, Band of Horses, Boston
The heavy rock world is saturated with tons of heavy bands who play to their 70s influences style of rock; take Graveyard, Kadavar and Blues Pills to name a few. While we absolutely love this style of music, every now and again it’s refreshing to hear a band come along and give us a taste of straight shooting and unfiltered rock. This is where Gin Lady from Sweden come into play. Their second album Call The Nation, released through Kozmic Artifact and Bilocation Records brings forth a blend of comforting 70s rock along with a modern raw sound as well. There are many influences to be found here, at times we hear a bit of Boston, other times we hear Band of Horses and for all of you Canadian rock fans, some Tragically Hip nestled into the music. There also is enough originality here as the band definitely puts their own stamp on the current rock scene. It’s a great balance of classic and modern day rock that will certainly grow on you over time.

The album kicks off on a positive note with the upbeat and rhythmic “Ain’t No Use”. From the onset we notice some similarities in the music to one of our favorite bands, The Tragically Hip, it gives off a comforting rock aura. The second track “Call The Nation” offers up some infectious drum work and backing vocals, the background rattle is great touch as well, these guys seem to concentrate on the details and little nuances that make us come back for more. The slide guitar and piano on the next song “Country Landslide” is pleasant, it injects some welcome diversity into the album. Moving on to “Down Memory Lane,” this one seems to stick with you, the chorus just lures you in and the drumming once again has an infectious touch. You’ll find yourself humming this song throughout the day and not sure where you’ve heard it.

We absolutely love track five “Heavy Burden” with its heartening sound. The main reason why we gravitate to this one is it reminds us of The Tragically Hip classic “Locked in the Truck of a Car,” it’s not a carbon copy; it just seems to have that driving rhythm. On “I Can’t Change,” we are treated to some upbeat, feel good, free and easy rock. The vocals of Magnus Kärnebro are clean and upfront and compliment the music very well. The second to last cut, “I’m Coming Home” is a smooth flowing, heartwarming tune about returning to one’s hometown, his vocal control really shines on this song. The last song “Mexico Avenue,” displays some classic rock groove while there is a slight Brant Bjork and the Bros quality about it, perhaps in in the vocals, and that’s a positive in our book.

We must tip our caps to these labels for releasing this album and steering away from the heaviness for a change and yes it does fit into their catalogue rather nicely. Since we can remember, 70s rock has influenced what we listen to today in some form or another. We naturally gravitated to Call The Nation, it gives off a pleasant rock vibe that continues to grow on us over time. If you’re in the hunt for a steady rock album that doesn’t try to do too much and gets right to the heart of the matter, do not overlook these guys. - 2/18/2016

Band Members:

Magnus Kärnebro: Vocals
Joakim Karlsson: Electric guitar and vocals
Anthon Johansson: Bass and vocals
Fredrik Normark: Drums

Standout Tracks: Ain’t No Use, I’m Coming Home, Heavy Burden
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