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Post rock, Atmospheric metal, Drone
Sounds Like:
Cult of Luna, Red Sparrowes, Callisto
Sunwolf from Scotland have been grinding out atmospheric, post-metal drone music since 2012. The first three albums, Beyond The Sun (2012), Midnight Moon (2013) and Beholden To Nothing and No One (2014) were very atmospheric with elements of doom, sludge, drone and some ambience sprayed across these albums. They portrayed feelings of desperation and hollow angst, similar to old Cult of Luna or Minsk.

On the fourth release Eve, the band shows some maturity and growth (by the way, four albums since 2012 is pretty impressive). They seem to have steered away from the sludge and doom to concentrate their efforts on heavy, droning rhythmic Post-rock. Let us say that we absolutely love the direction the band is heading, it’s an album that displays emotions of loneliness and moments of despair. Eve is by no means a downer, the music just washes over you and can take you out of reality for the full 48:77 minutes.

1. Gilded Heart:
We are graced with the majestic soft post-rock as the album opens. The vocals are introduced and are best described as hearing a chained victim yelping twenty feet below in a dark well. The energy and focus is angled upwards as he screams towards the light. Chilling hollow echoes and suppressed cries emanate to provide the listener with a very disturbing but truly original vibe. As the song progresses we feel there is hope, the contrast between the vocals and the post rock music is stunning.

2. A Rest Mid The Gloaming: An atmospheric, mesmerizing entity that your conscious will succumb to. The hollowed chants and the post-rock shoegaze create an aura of some sort of medieval religious ritual, it’s very unique.

3. Quell: Spacious and reflective with subtle spoken word vocals lead towards the onslaught of shoegazed styled post-rock. (The Scottish accent really adds to the originality of the band.)

4. Haar: Heavy atmospheric metal with grinding vocals. Fans of Cult of Luna or Callisto will love this one.

5. Sun Of My Soul: Repetitive and soothing as the dense post-rock builds beautifully over time. The apocalyptic nature of this instrumental is captivating, and inspiring.

6. Eve: A terrific thoughtful instrumental that features a soft bass and restrained, eloquent guitars. This is one of the tracks that show the growth of the band.

7. Brother: The beginning sounds like an extension to the previous song. The instrumental is just under 9 minutes, so you know there is room for exploration. The patience and subtle nuances of this song are wonderful. The drumming really carries this one and the stately guitar tone at 4:16 into the track is haunting with a heavy psychedelic sound. A brilliant instrumental that could be one of the best tracks here.

8. Frontier: Sunwolf really know how to keep the listener absorbed. This dramatic instrumental is once again very compelling. They seem to be more captivating with this minimalist approach compared to the previous albums.

9. Winterworn: A solemn, though provoking track that brings the album to a close.

The craftsmanship on Eve is inspiring and Sunwolf has shown the patience needed to bring their music to another level. It’s a well thought out album with subtle nuances and terrific musicianship. We urge you to give this one a listen, it will definitely enhance your music library. - 5/3/2015

Standout Tracks:
Brother, Gilded Heart
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