Symptoms of Silence
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Sounds Like:
Poison The Well, Inhale Exhale, Fear Factory
A six-piece hardcore band had us scratching our heads, thinking is it really necessary to have six members? Being from Ireland and having an intriguing album cover we decided to give these guys a shot. The debut EP is pretty much your run-of-the-mill modern day post-hardcore band. With dueling hardcore and melodic vocals, hefty duel foot pedal drumming and crunchy rhythms. It's an album full of raw energy, yet Symptoms of Silence really don’t bring anything new to the table.

The first track is pretty much an intro to the second song, not sure it’s necessary to have this as a 50 second intro, it just breaks up the flow when in shuffle mode. The synth work scattered throughout tends to give the album a soft feel, perhaps we’re a bit old school, but we like our hardcore raw and unfiltered, nothing more. The synths on the track “Visions” is just overkill and if we are correct there might be a bit of auto tuned effect on the melodic singing… no thanks. This song really brings the album down and the more we listen it reminds us of what a mix between Queenryche and Fear Factory could sound like.

There is really not much more to explore here as every track sounds exactly alike. If you’re in the hunt for some stimulating post-hardcore, check out our review for Silence the Sky. For now, we’ll just move on and continue our search for unique, fist-pumping post-hardcore. - 5/5/2016

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