Miss Lava
(Sonic Debris)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Nebula, Chrome Locust
2016 is turning out to be a great year for discovering bands flying under the radar. We seem to say this every year mid-way through, but it’s the truth. As we plow through our abundant amount of material we got hooked on Miss Lava. The band from Portuguese has released a killer follow-up album entitled Sonic Debris through Small Stone Records. If you love fuzz, tight rhythms and upbeat stoner rock, this is for you.

The band seems to be picking up steam, as they have shared the stage with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Mastodon, Graveyard, Ufommammut, Greenleaf, W.A.S.P., Kyuss Lives!, Fu Manchu and many, many more. So we want to get these guys on our site before they hit the big time. Upon first listen, the fluent heaviness of the opening track “Another Beast Is Born” will send you to stoner rock heaven. We love the energy of the next cut, “The Silent Ghost of Doom,” it reminds us of the short-lived band Chrome Locust (they still get put on regular rotation around here). The 7:13 minute “I’m The Asteroid” shows great vocal control by singer Johnny Lee, they are powerful, yet seem effortless.  This track leads us right into the spaced-out acoustic ditty “In A Sonic We Shall Burn”. This song is timed very well, giving the listener some variety and a break from the heaviness for about 3 minutes.

The bass work on “At The End Of The Light” possesses a subtle funkiness at times and “In The Arms Of The Freaks” has the ability to be an underground hit and a crowd favorite at shows. We weren’t sure where they were going on the first 13 seconds of “Symptomatic” with the hair band lyrics. Not to worry, the song is vibrant and full of heavy rock energy. “Fangs of Venom,” one of the standout tracks has an expansive vibe like a lost astronaut meandering in space. Than out of left field the infectious heavy rhythm kicks in, nice touch. The last two songs really elevate the album. “Pilgrims Of Decay” shows more inspiring vocal range, it in some way has a touch of Jerry Cantrell here. “Planet Darkness” has some classic stoner rock bounce, it’s nearly impossible not enjoy this one.

The bottom line is Sonic Debris is rather easy album to get into and we can see Miss Lava starting to makes waves in the stoner rock community given their enthusiastic vibe. - 5/24/2016

Standout Tracks: Planet Darkness, I’m The Asteroid, Fangs of Venom

Miss Lava is:
Johnny Lee: Vocals
J. Garcia: Drums
K. Raffah: Guitars
Ricardo Ferreira: Bass and Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Tiago Jónatas: Theremin and fx on “I’m The Asteroid” and “In A Sonic Fire We Shall Burn”
Rui Guerra guests on the intro of “The Silent Ghost Of Doom”
Marco Resende: Background vocals on “Another Beast Is Born”
Salvador Gouveia: Spoken word voice on “Another Beast Is Born”
Fernando Matias: Guitars on “In A Sonic Fire We Shall Burn"
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