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Hardcore, Noise rock
Sounds Like:
Helmet, Unsane, Fudge Tunnel
Several members of Kylesa and Torche have joined forces to deliver a very solid reflection back on the 1990s hardcore alternative metal scene. Their sound features Helmet-like staccato vocals and some very impressive start-stop grooves and crushing riffs. The Miami-based project has delivered a very promising follow-up sophomore release.

Band Members:
Eric Hernandez- guitars/vocals
Brian Hernandez- drums
Andres Ascanio- bass
Ryan Haft- guitar
Song lengths average just about 3 minutes a pop, but they do contain some nice texture. Much like Torche, the guitar riffs are very dense and at times overbearing. New angles will appear within your rotations with highs and lows only become enhanced as you absorb with more listens. Only because this feel much like an homage to Helmet, we must comment that Eric Hernandez does not quite keep the energy and tonality of Page Hamilton. That being said he does entertain and has talent.
Track Listing:
1. More Like
2. Turn In
3. Read
4. Entourage
5. Hum Drum
6. Stasis
7. Mucilage
8. Fake Brain
9. Boil
10. Wrong
11. High Chair
"Stasis" and "Boil" are our favorite tracks off the album. Both very very tight. "Stasis" features some amazing range with swirling intense guitar-work at a very high range. This track really branches out with some of the most inventive feedback we have heard in a long time. There is great separation and distinctiveness on each instrument as all four members pull their weigh on this track. "Boil" blows us away as well with its grinding intro and patient opening movement. The start-stop on this track will give you pause to appreciate. We hear strong influences of the great Fudge Tunnel on this track and throughout the album. While we have your attention, Fudge Tunnel’s Creep Diets is a must for any hardcore metal fan’s collection.
Overall we found Wrong’s self-titled full-length an improvement over their 2014 Stop Giving EP. The band definitely conjures up very fond memories for us of that 90s metal sound that has very much lost its way. Wrong takes simplistic rhythms and intensifies them with some of the best change-ups and start/stop rhythms we have heard in a long time. This album may grab some momentum as it catches some sentimental value in the true hardcore metal fan of the 90s. This one is worth grabbing and adding to your heavy rotation. - 5/26/2016

Standout Tracks: Boil, Mucilage, Stasis
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