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Sludge, Post metal, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
Cult of Luna, Herder, ZAO
We know, the genres and bands listed above make this sound as if there will be too much packed into this one. Well, to our delight the debut album from Belgium’s Eleanora is quite the surprise. These four tracks weighing in at 45 minutes combine elements of grinding sludge, melodic doom, intense hardcore and bits of scattered screamo-like vocals. If you want your music to give off feelings of bleakness, despair and energetic anger all wrapped up in one album, than Allure is just what the doctor ordered.

The first track, “Menis” will kick you in the nuts from the get-go. This 11 minute beast possesses gut-wrenching vocals, swift percussion, tight rhythmic guitars and steady bass work that will impress the shit out of you. The track journeys through moments of hardcore, doom and various aspects of atmospheric metal, sounding like four songs in one. It’s quite amazing how the band can take all these styles of metal and blend them together to create a controlled chaotic song.

“Sovereign In Mind Subjected in Kind” is a heavy weighted tune with thick bass and brooding drum work. The song has a dark, ominous feel for the first 5 minutes, then takes a turn towards a mix of hardcore and sludge. The third track “My Scepter Sword of Vengeance” is more bludgeoning metal to make your day a little darker. This song has a fluid pace until we get to the 4:30 mark, where they inject some elements of doom and desolation.

We have come to the last song “Telos” and this one has it all. It clocks in at 16:09, so you know they’re going to feed us more of the sludge and doom that we have come to love. Let’s just say it doesn’t disappoint, there is so much going on throughout the song, and you must listen to appreciate the craftsmanship. The last 3 minutes of this track is a comforting and relaxing Post-rock like jam that takes us out on a positive note. Talk about a sudden turn of events, it just shows these guys can take their music anywhere and we’re already looking forward to new material. In the meantime we’ll just soak this one in, we suggest you do the same. - 6/3/2016

Standout Tracks: Telos, Sovereign In Mind Subjected in Kind
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