Divine Circle
(Oblivion Songs)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Folk, Psychedelic, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Chelsea Wolf, Sharon Van Etten
North Carolina music composer Meg Mulhearn has been circling around the underground music scene for quite some time. She has been a member of bands such as U.S. Christmas, Lunar Creature, Judas Horse and Meghanz. As a solo artist, she has released a project under the name Divine Circles. Her work has been released through some heavy hitting labels in the industry such as Neurot Recordings and Relapse Records. Fans of heavy psychedelic, experimental sludge band U.S. Christmas may already follow her career, but for the rest of us, Oblivion Songs is a welcome surprise that has been flying under the radar for the past two years.

The music on Divine Circle’s debut is rustic experimental folk with a touch of psychedelia. As a violinist, she is extremely talented and showcases this talent as the main focus of the album. Her vocals are heartwarming to say the least, really complimenting the music. The craftsmanship on these five tracks is really stimulating, you will hear moments of intense percussion, minimal distortion, lo-fi feedback and dark folk arrangements.

The opening track “Leave” is a sad affair that highlights Meg’s vocals and violin, it’s a reflective song that will have you deep in thought. Things take a turn towards a darker side with “Midwest,” it has an ethereal feel and features some well-timed background vocals.

As we move on, we come to “The Prayer,” which is one of the standout songs. This instrumental has an experimental quality about it, the song grows in strength overtime. We are treated to some guitar distortion, intense violins work and powerful drumming, just keep turning the volume up, you’ll appreciate it. Oblivion Songs continues to impress with “Ingenue”. The story-telling is quite intriguing on this one as the song is very hypnotic with its repetitive nature. The last cut “Hyms” is heartfelt and thought provoking. Meg’s vocal performance and the somber violins shine on this track as it has a simplistic aura about it.

It’s amazing what we come across on our constant search to bring you some unusual artists who fly under the radar. Divine Circle is a pleasant album that is not afraid to expand and tread on new territories, we welcome you to give this one a try. - 7/22/2016

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