Death Alley
(Black Magick Boogieland)
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Hard rock, Punk, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Bad Wizard, The Atomic Bitchwax, Sasquatch
If you’re a fan of old school stoner rock, than you’ll appreciate the energy and groove of Death Alley’s second album Black Magick Boogieland. Back in the mid-nineties when stoner rock was making the scene, we flocked towards bands like Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu, yet were always hungry for new artists. We all bought the various compilations like Welcome to Meteorcity and Sucking The Seventies to name a few. Suddenly lesser known bands like Canndybar Planet, Atomic Bitchwax and Bad Wizard started to get noticed, and this is where Death Alley comes into play. Yes, they are a new band, but their music takes us back to this time when we were just discovering the stoner rock genre. Just sit back, tune into some Boogieland and grab a sixer of New Castle Bombshell while we dissect this one.

What are the highlights of the album?
The third track “Bewildered Eyes” has an upbeat groove that’s rather easy to get into, if you are a fan of the now defunct Bad Wizard, you’ll love this one. The band slows things down a bit on “Golden Fields of Love,” it’s a fluent track where the last half dives into a bluesy Graveyard styled rhythm. Our favorite cut off the album is “Supernatural Predator”. Running at 12:39 minutes long, the song bleeds of smooth stoner fuzz. The spaced-out jam smack dab in the middle of the track is downright jaw-dropping, we would love to hear more of this throughout the album.

How is the production value?
Very good, the raw enthusiastic vibe these guys put forth has a natural sound that should translate well to a live performance.

What two words best describe the album?
Fervent Rock

Does the album art reflect the music?
The drawing of what seems to be a devil being worshiped while holding bottles of liqueur is perfect.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
New Castle Bombshell. This summer-styled English Pale Ale has the perfect taste palate to match Black Magick Boogieland.

What are our final thoughts on Black Magick Boogieland?
This album has a wealth of driving rhythms that will propel you to take this one on the road. The songs  seem to have been written for a live performance, so we should expect a raw, energetic show as we witness them at The Obelisk All Dayer event in Brooklyn, NY this August. - 8/10/2016

1. Over Under
2. Black Magick Boogieland
3. Bewildered Eyes
4. The Fever
5. Golden Fields Of Love
6. Stalk Eyed
7. Dead Man's Bones
8. Supernatural Predator

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