(The Inception)
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Sludge, Doom
Sounds Like:
Pallbearer, Bloodiest, Fudge Tunnel
The Inception is the aptly titled new EP from Jaen Spain's Oddhums. The trio's debut contains some very dark and weighting moods. Will's lead vocals remind us of a mix between Godflesh (Justin Broadrick) and Fudge Tunnel (Alex Newport)  illicit a very ominous tone of heavy weight painting soundscape of greys, whites and blacks leaving quite the imprint. Recorded and mastered by Kike Gutiérrez at Black Bunker Records and buttressed by the tremendous artwork of Procesonegro Art Studio.

The four tracks are somewhat of a tease as we found ourselves becoming quite absorbed in the darkness wanting this one to go another twenty minutes. The tracks mainly stab the heart of the doom genre but do ebb and flow between some sludge, stoner and post-rock elements.

Track listing:
1. Dimgaze(4:54)
2. Big Brave(5:50)
3. Wounds (4:30)
4. Under Siege (3:48)

What are the highlights of The Inception?
"Big Brave" is the champion track on the EP. Will's vocals send chills down our spines as they seem to be lock step with his pensive bass-work. Greg and Keke do an excellent job infusing post-rock elements and rhythms that make this one special. "Under Siege" also floors us as Keke really takes hold with the percussion onslaught. The track builds so well but is unfortunately way too short as this one is suited for a ten minute plus version.

How is the production value?
We were questioning the quality as Dimgaze commenced, but the distant vocals strengthened providing some very nice contrast with the brooding bass. Overall the guitar work and percussion are clear lending itself to quite the doom headphone experience.

What adult beverage blends well with The Inception?
Bust out the Kraken!! Dark and Stormy is key with this one. In a high ball glass place ice, 1 wedge lime, orange and ginger. Squeeze the second lime wedge over the ice. Pour in 45ml (1 1/2 shots) of The Kraken spiced rum and top with ginger beer.

What are our final thoughts on The Inception?
Spain has been cranking out some great albums and tremendous talent these days. We are finding more of a penchant for dark mood setting music in that region. The Inception leaves us wanting more. We guess this may be an intelligent teaser cranking out four concise tracks as we'll certainly be on the lookout for their future works. We strongly recommend you pick this one up on Bandcamp and put it in heavy rotation. - 9/26/2016

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