Taman Shud
(Oracle War)
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Psychedelic, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Hookworms, Metz, UFOMAMMUT
Look down this track listing. How could this not be good with such intriguing song titles as "Nine Knots," "Slime Liturgy" and "Aquatic Malign" and the artwork on the album cover?... damn! These folks certainly know how to push our buttons. After having reviewed so many albums over the years we have developed a unique gift of anticipating quality before even giving it a rotation.

Track Listing:
1. Oracle War (5:28)
2. Nine Knots (2:08)
3. Trench Arcana (4:36)
4. Sunken Chapel (3:51)
5. Slime Liturgy (7:58)
6. God Repeater (4:34)
7. Aquatic Malign (7:07)
8. Canaan’s Jewel (6:15)
9. Cerulean Exequy (7:06)

Hailing from London, England, Taman Shud fall under the necro-psych genre. No fucking clue what that sub-genre signifies other than this is one disturbing experimental journey. Oracle War is the band’s sophomore release and is filled with bizarre arrangements and cryptic melodies. Refreshingly bold and against the grain, Oracle War bleeds cohesively throughout and really feels like a concept album, but the first of its kind. The diversity in lyrics, vocal tones, and spoken word makes for a very entertaining trip. Fuzz-filled distortion and distant obscure tones are very well arranged inside nine tracks that weave in and out of terror and trance.

What are the top tracks we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?
Nearly impossible to answer as we will give the cliche answer. This is one cohesive blissful arrangement. You would be remiss to just pull one or two tracks off this one, but if we were held at gunpoint, we would suggest "Trench Arcana". The pain and militant cadence this track brings is downright inspiring. "God Repeater" also strikes our fancy with the unique sludge and subtle organ work. It is chilling to say the least. Oh yeah and "Aquatic Malign," holy shit, check out the chanting and angelic or demonic should we say chorus at about the 3:00 mark, this will certainly displace you.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy Oracle War?

There is no way in hell we are going to find an album that fits the mold of what Taman Shud delivers. We can say, however, they have a freshness and dark flare that periodically reminds us of Metz. Check-out Metz’s album II... tremendous!

What adult beverage would blend well with Oracle War?
Lord Hobo’s Steal This Can. An IPA with tons of texture and flavors that will send your taste buds for a reeling. 6.5% ABV will really grow on you after you let it settle.

What are our final thoughts on Oracle War?
Taman Shud are original to the bone. After several listens Oracle War will set you off into a certain dark mood, just in time for Hallow’s Eve. The album mixes up a very intelligent formula that embodies fear. This is a must for fans that like different, but crave a concept piece that has vision. We are certainly further intrigued by their label Trashmouth Records and will give them a deeper dive as well. Put this one in heavy rotation. Its an editor’s pick for us. - 10/18/2016

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