Camel Driver and MOEWN
(Rites of Passage and Aestus split)
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Stoner rock, Post rock, Math Rock
Sounds Like:
Don Caballero, Biblical Proof of UFO’s, Russian Circles
If you’ve been yearning for some top of the line instrumental rock with boatloads of psychedelic, stoner rock and post rock themes, than prepare to be blown away by this split release. If you’re a fan of the stoner rock scene, you may already know what lies within the walls of Pink Tank Records label. Two of their many promising artists, Camel Driver and MOEWN, both from Germany, have just joined forces for this release.

This album is basically divided into two albums; the first is Rites of Passage from Camel Driver, the other is Aestus by MOEWN, each containing three songs. We’re confident that if you’re a fan of both bands or new to them, you’ll be absolutely stoked with the music that is about to be bestowed upon you.

Camel Driver-Rites of Passage
1. Separation 04:59
2. Interphase 08:23
3. Integration 09:34

MOEWN - Aestus
4. Nordpol 06:30
5. Kaventsmann 07:26
6. Bordbrant 08:30

What are the highlights of the album?

Holy cow this is an impossible question to answer. All six tracks are a highlight, but if we must, than we seem to be gravitating to “Bordbrant” by MOEWN. This 9 minute instrumental has it all, the song travels aimlessly through avenues of majestic Post-rock and glides ever so gently along a stoner rock path. It has a wonderful and fulfilling sound that will consume every fiber of your being when cranked at high decibels.

The other track that lured us in is “Interphase” by Camel Driver. Weighing in at just over 9 minutes, Camel Driver brings in elements of Math rock to the album. Their freeform stoner rock style is downright satisfying, think of Colour Haze with a touch of Math rock, the rhythmic change ups are so damn impressive.

How is the production value?
The production is excellent; both bands are on top of their game.

Does the album art reflect the music?
The artwork is terrific. The oceanic aura of MOEWN and the desert fuzz of Camel Driver may be at opposite ends of geological masses, but gel perfectly as two music entities.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider. Served warm, this tasty beverage will only heighten your listening experience of this split album.

What are our final thoughts on Rites of Passage / Aestus?
Camel Driver and MOEWN have released brilliant debut albums through Pink Tank within the past two years and this split album feels like the natural evolution of both bands. This will hold us over for some time, but soon we’ll be eager for the next chapters of each band. - 11/9/2016

Camel Driver is:
Christoph - Bass
Lutz - Guitar
Alex - Drums

ben: guitar
niko: bass
tim: drums
luke: synths

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