Stare At The Clouds
(This Clear Divide)
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Progressive rock, Post rock
Sounds Like:
Porcupine Tree, Katatonia
While sifting steadily through a considerable amount of entries for June 2017's album of the month considerations our expediency was thankfully interrupted as we took a first listen through 'This Clear Divide'. What we found was an album with texture and chemistry, that almost elicited a the requirement that we keep this one in heavy rotation. As we dug deeper we uncovered a five piece band hailing from Sydney Australia that put a shitload of elbow grease into this one.

This Clear Divide
is a very well thought out and emotional journey that takes you through over 50 minutes of contrast and energy. The fretwork of Seb Key and infectious vocal beauty of Keelan Butterick rival some of the mainstay progressive acts over the pat two decades. The atmospheres painted rival the likes of Katatonia and Ocean.

Track Listing:
1. Prelude (:42)
2. The Falling (3:31)
3. Concurrent Abreaction I: Presage (8:22)
4. Concurrent Abreaction II: Ocean (6:31)
5. Concurrent Abreaction III:The Outside (6:20)
6. Concurrent Abreaction IV:Lucah (4:26)
7. Concurrent Abreaction V:We Lie in Shadows (5:41)
8. Concurrent Abreaction I: Sehnsucht (4:03)
9. Dead Letters (2:27)
10. Cutting The Ties (5:30)

What is the standout track on the album?
That's a tough one given the album flows quite seamlessly particularly give the six part sonic journey of "Concurrent Abreaction". We highly recommend "Concurrent Abreaction: Ocean" for its dramatic contrast and majestic melodies. The band melds progressive rock with some deep sludge and poignant Post-rock. This track has everything inclusive of a very patient Butterick as he lets the instruments dictate this one a bit more. His vocals are well timed and the perfect sprinkling of melody.

How is the production?
Exceptional headphone experience. Exactly the clarity and crispness you would want during your headphone experience. Mixed at Jungle Studios in Australia with key engineering and mastering by Nathan Sheehy and Steve Smart.

What adult beverage should accompany this album?
Little Creatures brewing located in Geelong Australia has impressed us. We recommend the smooth, black barrels of a Hotchkiss Six. A smooth stout, with indulgent dark chocolate qualities from caramel malt, English chocolate malt and roasted barley.

Final thoughts for This Clear Divide.
What we like most about This Clear Divide is that it entails a concept piece in "Concurrent Abreaction" at the heart of the album wrapped around it by two opening tracks and two closing tracks. A creative approach to provide the listener with some diversity but also provide the backbone of this concept piece. The closer "Cutting The Ties" brings us back to some of the real classic moments of Porcupine Tree and monotone harmonies coupled with vivid painted landscapes. Progressive rock fans need this. album in their rotation. This Clear Divide will also attract fans of Post-rock and sludge which show its eclectic arrangements and creative thinking. - 5/20/2017

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