Space Mushroom Fuzz
(Tannens Henchman)
Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Space rock
Sounds Like:
Farflung, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd
Space Mushroom Fuzz are the prime example of what our site represents… discovering bands flying under the radar. From Boston, Massachusetts Space Mushroom Fuzz have 28 cosmic releases under their belt since their inception in 2012. Ranging from EP’s, singles, compilations, live albums and of course studio albums, these guys seem to have released it all with no end in sight. So why pick this album to review? The cover drew us in, the drawing of cute puppies for a space rock album had us intrigued.

Upon first listen, the heavy riff and robotic echoed vocals of the opening cut “Riff Tannen” had us hooked immediately. This album varies tremendously as it’s not all heavy, the band takes us on a journey through various forms of psychedelia. You’ll hear everything from cosmic acoustics, weighty riffs and 70s inspired progressive rock to name a few. So, if you fancy the whole psychedelic space rock scene, we have no doubt Tannens Henchman is a hidden gem.

What are the highlights of the album?
Tough call, the whole album possesses a gravitational flow that has sucked us in. For starters, we’ll go with the first track we mentioned earlier, “Riff Tannen” and its absorbing space metal tone. “Silence the Sun” brings things down a bit and has an odd blend of Zebra meets Pink Floyd. We know, it sounds very confusing, but if you like both bands you’ll understand. We love the transition to the next song “The Cosmic Truth,” they feel very similar in style while keeping a mellow flow going. “Homeless” is so fucking relaxing as it continues the drifty space vibe and is perfectly placed on the album, it just feels right.

The instrumental “3-D” is very smooth as it retains a steady bass, great use of the cymbals and the guitars are off in some psychedelic jam mode. Since we’re coming close to the end of the album, let’s keep going with the next cut “Cliff Tannen”. This one travels ferociously into space doom territory; it’s good to hear some heaviness back. The last song “Industry” closes the album on ta soft note with its spacious acoustics.

How is the production value?

The production is solid, it sounds a bit like it was recorded in analog, which has a great raw feel.

Does the album art reflect the music?
No, but that’s what caught our eye. The drawing of puppies on a space rock album is different to say the least. Possibly a brilliant move by the band, get away from the typical psychedelic artistry we see a lot of within the genre.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
We highly recommend a brew local to the Boston area and the band; grab some Hobo Life from Lord Hobo Brewing Co. This IPA and its citrusy flavors is the perfect companion to Space Mushroom Fuzz.

Final thoughts on Tannens Henchman.

We are highly impressed with this album and it fills the need for something different in the world of space rock. We urge you do give this one a shot than continue to explore the many albums in their vast catalog. Also, check out the band members other projects such as Blue Aside and Palace in Thunderland. - 7/26/2017

1. Riff Tannen 07:52
2. Silence the Sun 06:03
3. The Cosmic Truth 06:22
4. Homeless 06:16
5. 3-D 04:32
6. Cliff Tannen 05:52
7. Industry 03:12

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