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Pallbearer, YOB
One key element to developing an impressive doom album is the continuity or cohesiveness it brings to formulate a set of emotions from the listener. We have found that diversity or stream of consciousness within doom does not work. Second and perhaps most important is believing the pain and anguish that the vocals, percussion and fretwork deliver. What Sunstone brings on Domus Brutalis is one hell of a consistent dark journey and an authenticity that will immediately resonate with doom fans. Most impressive is the landscape frontman Will Montague paints. His voice has quite the range. Envision Glen Danzig deep in a cave distraught and fighting for his life when Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth fame swoops in with his old school guttural black metal vocals.

Domus Brutalis is the second release from the U.K. foursome. The five tracks are deeply layered with precision build-up and contrast. Over 50 minutes to immerse yourself in. The texture is inventive and we hope the release will attract fans well beyond doom lovers.

1. Nag 13:34
2. Afterimage 7:55
3. Scry 12:39
4. Reverent Savage 9:49
5. Extremely Fucking Nigh 8:47

What is the standout track on Domus Brutalis?
The opener "Nag" will absolutely floor you with its decrepit landscapes and sonic beauty. Yes those two words could not be more divergent but the foursome pull it off. Angelic pain morphs into a furious demonic energy.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany Domus Brutalis?
No question, Nightwatchman brewed by East London Brewing Company. It's a dark, warm, smooth bitter. Red-tinged in color, well hopped and on the sweeter side. 4.5% ABV with rich chestnut, caramel and spicy red fruits.

Who created the atmospheric album art?
Visit Natalie Marten at Her dark vision blends perfectly with the bands overcast journey. Natalie specializes in video game art and 2D/3D visions along with album art.

Band Members:
Vocals - Will Montague
Guitar - Patrick Motylinski
Bass - Tom Webb
Drums - Tomás Spite

Final Thoughts for Domus Brutalis.
This album will absorb you with its heavy calm. The calm enters as their vision ties together like an intricate puzzle.  Montague's unique and diverse vocal style make for an album that will grow on you over time. Doom fans need this album in heavy rotation. We also look forward to delving further into their 2015 self-titled debut as well. Enticing at first gander. - 8/24/2017

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