Great Rift
(Voodoo Woodland)
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Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
Arbouretum, Freedom Hawk
Great Rift is a foursome from Austria that has just released a very impressive there song EP here. Their music infuses elements of classic heavy rock into a riff-heavy stoner album. These three tunes possess a foundation of blues rock that are layered with moments of stoner, classic, and even psychedelic rock. Dig deeper into the album with our Q&A with Great Rift.

Rotation11: We don’t have a clear cut favorite track on this EP as the album has a mature sound for a debut release. Have you guys been playing together very long?
Great Rift: We came together in 2016. Each one of us played in different bands. From Blues to Noise Rock.

Rotation11: Who produced this album? The music is very well layered.
Great Rift: The Ep is produced and recorded by Thomas Ranosz from Pure Sound Recordings and Great Rift. Thomas has a lot of Experience and we worked hard on the tightness and arrangement of the songs.

Rotation11: We have been noticing many great bands emerging from Austria within the past two years; Les Lekin, Somali Yacht Club and Tarlung to name a few. How is the state of the current rock/metal scene in Austria?
Great Rift: Yeah, we know a few of them, there is definitely a good scene right now here in Austria, with a lot of talented bands. You can check: Sharp Hondo, Torso, Savanah, The Weight and Naplava.

Rotation11: What bands have you been touring with and who would you love to play a show with?
Great Rift: We are right at the beginning. But would be cool to share the stage with John Garcia or the Melvins.

Rotation11: We hear many different styles of rock in your music. These songs definitely have your own personality to them, they do not sound like every other heavy band. For example, “Mountain Behind the Sun” has some traditional hazy blues rock arrangements than dives into some heaviness, great contrasts on this song. “The Goddess” has a more trippy stoner vibe while “Into the Bright Line” seems to be more upbeat stoner rock driven. Who are your influences and do each band member play in other bands?
Great Rift: Yes. We are influenced by 60s and 70s Rock music, but we also like newer stuff, from various genres.
inspirations: The Stooges, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Graveyard, 1000 Mods, Dead Meadow and many more.

Rotation11: What is your favorite venue you guys have played in?
The best gigging location in vienna is  the "Arena Wien".

Rotation11: How did you come up with the name Great Rift?
Great Rift: We were thinking about Band names and we wanted to have something that sounds heavy, big and cosmic. Great Rift describes a dark Cloud in the Milky Way Galaxy, that seems like a big "Rift", but in fact it's a massive non luminous cloud. We like this Duality.

Rotation11: The EP name Voodoo Woodland is intriguing, any story behind this name?
Great Rift: In the early days, that was one of our favorites regarding band names. We liked the mystic approach and the sound of it. Later we thought it fits well to the mood of the ep, which core theme is rituals.

Rotation11: We love the album artwork, which drew us in, who is the artist?
Great Rift: The artwork is from Edison Wormhole, aka David Hüttner also a member of the band.

Rotation11: This could be one of our favorite EP’s we have heard this year. Do you have any more insights about Voodoo Woodland?
Great Rift: Thanks for liking the Ep, its a honour for us. From a distant view, the songs stand for itself, but melting together in that ritual thing. Hear it loud, relaxed and stoned - Welcome to VoodooWoodland!

Rotation11: Any plans to release a full length?
Great Rift: Sure, we're in the studio in the first decade of 2018 and the album will be released during the next year.

Whether your into stoner, classic, or any form of heavy rock, give Great Rift a listen. We look forward to the next chapter of the band and possibly a full length in 2018. - 9/18/2017

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