(Death of the Party)
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Sounds Like:
Every Time I Die, Transition, Earth Crisis
Nice clean, pointed hardcore aggression is what Overstayer exudes on their debut EP Death of the Party. We have been longing for some new but reflective early 90s influenced hardcore. Overstayer delivers quality production and clarity in a punchy 12 minutes plus endeavor that appears to take us through a house party. Their sound is nostalgic and Doug Ball has quite the range with his guttural and charismatic vocals.

Track listing:
1. White Collar (3:23)
2. Cold Hard Crash (3:09)
3. 86’d (2:58)
4. Dust in the Attic (3:05)

What is the standout track on Death of the Party?
All four tracks are pretty damn solid. Ty Aston provides even more of the intensity on 86’d with the EPs most impressive percussion work. The track may be just a notch above the others depending on our mood. Great intensity and start-stop contrast on this one.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany Death of the Party?

This one deserves some classic economy cheap beer for early 90s partying... yes Olympia Beer. Their slogan was “its the water”. Olympia has canned the finest Northwest grains into a drinkable lager since 1896. Brewed using pure mountain water and golden barley, it’s a smooth lager that’s a no-brainer for any beer fan. It’s a mighty brew, much like its Mount Olympia namesake but won’t fill you up thanks to its medium-bodied character.

Band Members:
Doug Ball - Vocals
Ty Aston - Drums
Kyle Handshy - Guitar
William Morrison - Guitar
Storm Greenway- Bass

Final thoughts for Death of the Party.
We would love to see a little resurgence with this genre and perhaps these Kansas City natives are the answer. Death of the Party is a smart concise release that should get fans juiced up about this scene again. If you appreciate the intense brevity of Everytime I Die, you need to give these folks a listen. Put this one in heavy rotation and crank it up. -10/18/2017

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