(St. Ranga)
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Sludge, Heavy rock, Punk
Sounds Like:
Red Fang, Beast in the Field
We are always timid with albums that have a comical edge. The Focus and Scatterbrain's of the world are hard to come by and are far and few between. There is a psychology to comedy laced albums that invariably downplays any fretwork prowess they may have. Welcome Bloodnut hailing from New Zealand and their sophomore album entitled St. Ranga. Their latest title plays homage to Metallica's St. Anger and follows up their debut title Blues from the Red Sons... yup dangerous territory to conjure mimicking images of one of the greatest albums ever made.

While we like the idea of melding sludge and heavy punk, too much of a mediocre thing breeds weakness. McFarlane's vocals dominate and at time wear on the listener. The guitar-work and percussion is a bit muddied lacking clarity. Less vocals and more experimental jamming appears to be a better direction for Bloodnut. We see glimpses of this on several of the tracks inclusive of the bombastic and painful opener.

Track listing:
1. Space Orangutan-8:44
2. Mark Of The Outcast-3:54
3. That Fire Inside-1:58
4. Burning Boosh-3:55
5. Red Dead Riders-7:20
6. Song Of Fire And Ice-6:23

What is the standout track?
"Red Dead Riders" has the most texture and contrast. The melodies are quite inviting and the track will definitely grow on you over time. If Bloodnut sticks with more of this formula we think they can take things to another level. This track is well worth the download.

Are there moments that irk us?
Unfortunately far too many on this album. Weak lyrics are prominent throughout and the lack of space between the vocals and instruments beats us down. Their are moments where Bloodnut lets the music breathe but they are hard to come by.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany St. Ranga?
What better than native NZ Good George Brewing and their batch of Donovan's Rocky Road Stout. 5.0% ABV. A rich thick sloppy blend of coffee, vanilla chocolate and raspberry tones. Quite the calming experience and offset to St. Ranga.

Band Members:
Doug McFarlane- Bass/Vox
Ty Boniface - Drums
Doug Robertson - Guitar

Final thoughts.
Bloodnut could use some sedatives to perhaps allow their music to breathe more. We love filthy heavy music but this album feels a bit forced. There are some very good moments on the album (particularly "Red Dead Riders") so we encourage you to give this one a gander. Let us leave you with the inspirational line off "Space Orangutan"..."He will rip your arms right out of your sockets and beat you with them". - 11/7/2017

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