I Captain
Crank this to 9.9 of 11
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Stoner rock, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like:
Farflung, Sleep, Ethereal Riffian
Just as the year is coming to a close and we have gathered our top 11 heavy albums of 2017, we are introduced to Finland’s I, Captain. After a few rotations we knew there was something special here, an album that needs to be added to our top 11. Something has to give; we cannot have 12 top albums. This is quite possibly our favorite time of the year as we reflect on our past year reviews plus the late additions such as I, Captain.

Tiid, the band’s first full length is one of the year’s most entertaining and dramatic stoner rock albums to hit our rotation. It’s more than your traditional fuzz album, these guys throw a wealth of emotion and unique song writing skills into this recording. We hear a little bit of everything from Farflung-like space rock to Sleep induced sludge and even the apocalyptic sounds of Ethereal Riffian. Singer and bassist Axel V. is a superb talent, his vocal work is commanding with a unique and clean vibe. Sit back, enjoy your favorite adult beverage and crank this mother up as we break this one down.

Vocal Performance – 10.3 of 11
Tremendous vocal performance by Axel V., they are a huge draw to the album. Just listen to the track “Mantra” and you’ll become an instant fan.

Risk of Subwoofer Damage – 9.9 of 11
Crank this one up slowly, the bottomless bass and percussion will challenge any system.

Lyrics and Song Structure – 9.9 of 11
The song structures are infectious as you’ll no doubt have this on repeat for a while. As for the lyrics, we’re not sure since this is not sung in all English, but it does not take way from the experience, in fact it may enhance the record.

Fretwork Prowess – 9.8 of 11
Innovative stoner rhythms take over and help create this fuzz gem.

Overall Album Flow – 9.9 of 11
All nine tracks weave beautifully between one another, it’s very hard not to listen to this one in its entirety.

Contrast – 9.4 of 11
Tiid displays some of the finest stoner rock craftsmanship we have heard all year.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 9.5 of 11
Album artwork by Panos Kassiaris at Graphicstrip is unusual and very crisp.

Production Value – 10 of 11
Extremely well produced for such an involved album, each instrument shines and is played to a high standard. We love the background space nuances scattered throughout. The headphone experience is great, you’ll actually hear the little touches that make this album special.

Standout Track(s)
Extremely difficult to pick out, but tracks like “Mantra,” “Stugon II,” and “Vindan” will hook any fan of this genre.

Alcohol Pairing
Get some Pyynikin Vahvaportteri Imperral Portor by Finland’s Pyynikin brewery. This 7.5% ABV porter consists of roasted chocolate, coffee, liquorice and mild fruitiness. It’s a whirlwind of flavors that can only enhance the listening experience of Tiid.

Lasting Impression
We are fired up to have been introduced to I, Captain and they are a prime example of why Rotation11 exists. This album has been in constant rotation for some time now and we cannot get tired of it, we hear something new with every listen. - 12/20/2017

Band Members:
Axel V - Vocals, bass
Viktor Ö – Drums
Andreas Ö – Guitar
Lukas Å - Guitar

1. War Shakes 05:57
2. Mantra 09:24
3. Vem kan segla 01:31
4. Kepler 22B 03:06
5. Stugon I 08:10
6. Stugon II 07:15
7. Vindan 06:54
8. Tå 04:16

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