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Post-Hardcore, Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
Fall of Troy, Coheed and Cambria, Poison the Well
Post-hardcore can be such a hit and miss genre as many bands today sound very similar to one another. There are bands however that show signs of talent that could pull them away from the pack if only they had more direction. Take Adventurer for example, their 2014 Self-Titled album falls right into the mess of post-hardcore bands. Do they want to be another alternative band like Coheed & Cambria or go in a hardcore direction more like Poison the Well, we’re not sure.

Band Members:
Jeff Masterson (bass/vocals)
Steven Christy (guitar/vocals)
Miles Fowler (drums).

To be quite honest the music is very good at times, it’s well produced and balanced between progressive, hardcore and alternative themes. At times we were fired-up during the hardcore, chaotic moments, but they never truly commit to this one style. The dueling vocals can be overbearing at times, they are either guttural or very melodic as one style does not overshadow the other. The two vocal arrangements seem to be forced upon us and it just comes off to over-the-top, and that’s where they lose us. If you’re looking for a top-notch band that does this to perfection, take a gander at Inhale/Exhale, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo or Silence the Sky.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude (Introduction) 00:56
2. House 03:28
3. Mariana's Trenchcoat 04:16
4. Tetra Hydro Cannonball 05:24
5. Living With A Ghost (feat. Aaron Jerome) 04:26
6. Pursuit of Happiness 04:40
7. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Wife 05:08

Adventurer are talented lads and they will probably draw in many fans of alternative and hardcore. It just seems like we have heard this style of rock before and it doesn’t hold our interest long enough to come back. We will however keep tabs on this band; if they could find a more precise direction, they have the ability to bring forth a killer hardcore album. - 1/28/2015

Standout Tracks: House
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