Aunt Cynthias Cabin
Misty Woman
Crank this to 9.2 of 11
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Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, King Buffalo, Salems Pot
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Classy and crafty psychedelia is what San Diego natives Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin delivers on their latest release Misty Woman. The trio’s third release is their best to date and is a calming cavernous ride thru fuzz-filled melodies. The album features some wonderful soft echo and feels as if it were recorded in some non-conventional open high ceiling abandoned site. Justice’s guitar work engulf’s the listener as he pulls in so many different angles of fuzz. Majestic tones and some of the most patient contrast we have heard in a long time. Misty Woman is a wonderful companion on a brisk hike through whatever trail strikes your fancy. 

Track Listing: 
1. Kennel and the Dog (5:13) 
2. Which One is the Jellyfish? (4:24) 
3. Misty Woman (4:31) 
4. Rider In The Desert Sun (pt 1) (3:29) 
5. Rider IN The Desert Sun (pt 2) (2:58) 
6- In The Valley (5:01) 
7. There’s No Saving Cass (6:42) 
8. Grains Of Sand (1:55) 
9. Black and Blue (5:35) 

Standout track: 
Our favorite track, "There’s No Saving Cass" hits the highest hallucinogenic levels with its trippy-laced vocals and meandering melodies. Justice does a great job with his indifference that turns hostile. The track contains a whirlwind of different levels. Creeping to some very loft heights along with some of the best guitar riffs on the album. They bring it down tremendously on this track. 

Adult Beverage Pairing: 
San Diego’s own Rough Draft Brewery meets the classy appeal for Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin. We highly recommend you pair this album with their Hop Therapy IPA ABV: 9.0%  IBU: 94 Intense floral nose with a strong yet balanced bitterness for a clean & smooth finish.  Galaxy and Summer hops yield tropical flavors including passion fruit and pineapple. 

Hallucination landscape 
9.4 out of 11 

Weight of the Heavy 
8.6 out of 11 

8.9 out of 11 

Vocal Performance 
9.3 out of 11 

Fretwork Prowess 
9.5 out of 11 

Percussion Prowess 
8.8 out of 11 

Bass-work Prowess 
8.7 out of 11 

Overall Album Flow 
9.2 out of 11 

9.3 out of 11 

Album Cover Aesthetics   
8.9 out of 11 

Production Value 
9.2 out of 11 

Final Thoughts: 
Misty Woman is a wonderful ride and we appreciate that 60s classic production. Well-balanced distant echo coupled with some pretty intense fretwork make this one a keeper in our book. We are fired up to grab this one on vinyl when it becomes available again.

Band members: 
Vocals/Guitar- Brennan Justice 
Bassist Anthony Defreitas 
Drummer Jeremy Luvaas 

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