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Math Rock
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The Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, The Mars Volta
Friday, October 18, 2013
In our opinion, Barkmarket are the godfathers of math rock. This three-piece band perfected the genre before anyone and may not, to this day, even have a clue themselves. Gimmick, their second of three masterpiece full-length albums is arguably their best. Jam packed with off-tempo guitar based complex rhythms, highlighted by irregular stopping and starting. Barkmarket perfected angry melodies blended with extended and dissonant chords and violent bass slapping.

Barkmarket epitomize what is obscure and has inspired the formation of this very website. While being signed to Rick Rubin's label, they never gained any momentum. We will not give up on these guys. Hopefully they will hear our voices and decide to connect some 18 years after their final album L Ron. "Whipping Boy", track 2, is an amazing work that takes you through a variety of different stages of anger and sorrow. Four minutes of bliss containing what feels like three intertwined songs within one... "Oh bucket of pity for poor eyelids to drain in".

"Dumbjaw" is another gem with various melodies throughout that we feel alone could inspire a whole separate album. "The Shill", track 11 has a masochistic theme throughout "smile and take it" "smile and break it", powerful angry and haunting tune. We could go on and on about this one as each song presents so many layers. We strongly encourage that you grab this album and give it several listens. It will suck you in if you like this genre and result in the purchase of all three full lengths and perhaps even their two Ep hidden gems Lardroom and Peacekeeper.

Standout Tracks: Whipping Buy, Dumbjaw
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