Beans And Fatback
(Heroine Lovestruck)
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Indie, Rock, Blues Heavy Swing
Sounds Like:
Speedball Baby, Spanish Gold, The Blue Stones
#10 ALBUM OF 2015
Hailing from the land of mayo with fries, herring onion sandwiches, croquettes, smoked eels, dutch cheese,  licorice and some of the finest chocolates in the world emerges Beans & Fatback.  The Amsterdam based band features seven very talented members. While the band name fosters visions of grease and slop, we look at it more as comfort food. Beans & Fatback have concocted a heavy mix of warm retro flair. Their third album release Heroine Lovestruck is their most slovenly (in a good way). The album does pull in the occasional commercial appeal ala Black Keys and Pretty Lightning, but the ultimate product is a very original healthy salad of distortion, swing, rockabilly and raw talent.

Band Members:
Onno Smit (vocals, guitar)
Paul Willemsen (guitar)
Toon Oomen (drums, percussion)
Jet Stevens (bass)
Cody Vogel (drums)
Jeroen Tenty (Hammond organ)
Gerhardt (piano, vocals)

The Punchlist:
1. Bombshell - loaded with vocal distortion and influences of Spanish Gold and the White Stripes comes the raunchy opener. The slick organ-work and 50s guitar rhythms steal the show on this one. Great opener to get the greases flowing.

2. Point Of No Return - Absolutely love the percussion work on this track. Funky beats and Onno's charismatic lead make for an extremely creative track. The swirling eerie rhythms engulf the melodies. Makes for an intense and very unique experience.

3. Gilda - Bringing it down a notch and accentuating the fuzz based guitar-work of Paul Willemsen in this inviting track. Otto reminds us of the great Dan Auerbach on this track. This track sizzles with bacon grease and sex appeal.

4. Heroine Lovestruck - the title track is a nifty reflective track reminding us of a 50s/60s lounge session laced with hallucinogenic drugs. Very trippy and psychedelic, but with a very catch swing undercurrent.

5. Do It -
Onno dominates with his distortive vocals on this track. Retro style with some combative guitar-work jawing back at Onno. "Do it like we used to do it"  The guitar boinging is exceptional and extremely entertaining.  

6. Sally The Shape -
A male Nancy Sinatra kicking it 60s style doing the swim rockabilly style while on a heavy dose of peyote.

7. Open Your Door -
Lookout Speedball Baby (check-out our review). This track mixes in some spoken word and some real funky chops.

8. TnT - Pretty sharp instrumental. Solid percussion and Willemsen continues to shine throughout this one.

9. Heart Attack - simplistic predictable melodies are an interesting combination with the complex and subtle percussion work. Stellar organ-work on this track. The track morphs from predictable to an unpredictable little jam session.

10. Backstabber - terrific closing raunchy track. The distortion is kicked up a notch and Willemsen fires in some repetitive but impactful riffs.  

Total Time = 31.35

Pick-up Heroine Lovestruck to expand and diversify your collection. Beans & Fatback deliver a comforting and very entertaining thirty minutes. - 10/21/2015

Standout Tracks: Open Your Door, Bombshell, Sally The Shape

Label: Excelsior Recordings
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