Bear Hands
(Burning Bush Supper Club)
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Pop, Alternative
Sounds Like:
Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse
Looking for some more pop in your collection? If so, it would be wise to check out Bear Hands. This four-piece band from Brooklyn, NY has an album here that has something for everyone. Burning Bush Supper Club is a feel-good album, loaded with pop songs that have some edge. Opening track "Crime Pays" is a soft bouncy song with a deep bass line. The falsetto vocal style, reminiscent to Broken Bells, really took us by surprise. To be clear, the whole album is not sung in this style, so if it’s not your thing, move forward and stick with it.

Moving on to "Belongings", it starts with a nice build-up, leading into catchy chimes and background clapping that stick around throughout the song. "What A Drag" is appealing as well, having the combination of the static sounding drums and the simple guitar tone is a nice touch. The energetic and lively “High Society” is extremely likeable; you will find yourself singing out loud to this song in your car.

As the album progresses, we hear some laid back songs, such as "Tablasaurus" and “Julien”, both feature various amounts low sounding percussion, unique synth work and balanced string arrangements; steering us away from a pop feel and leaning more towards alternative songs for the rest of the way. "Wicksey Boxing" is an average song; we can take it or leave it, bringing the mood of album down a bit. "Blood and Treasure" and "Can’t Stick Em" are the two best songs offered on the album, a great back to back combination. They are upbeat and engaging; you’ll find yourself tapping your feet to their vibrant rhythms.

The slow and distant "Camel Convention" just ruins the mood, especially after hearing the last two songs. It’s not a terrible song; it is just misplaced, put it on an EP or single somewhere. The album ends with "Tall Trees", a pleasurable ditty that leaves you in a good mood and wanting just a little more.

So, there you have it, Burning Bush Supper Club is a mixed bag of alternative and pop songs, in which most are lively and original. If you’re a fan of Modest Mouse or Franz Ferdinand, this may be up your alley; they bring a different feel to this genre. - 2/5/2014

Standout Tracks:
Blood and Treasure, Can’t Stick Em
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