Benny Diction and Able8
(Life Moves)
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Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz
Sounds Like:
Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Tricky
Tricky meets Tribe Called Quest?... not quite, but there are elements of each that Benny Diction and Able8 meld into their own. A collaboration between two obscure artists native of England and Australia. Infused with smooth jazz hooks and impressive rhyme flow, Life Moves has a fair amount to offer. As is often our beef with the general rap genre, however, there are various tunes that are just way too overloaded with non-stop rhyming and no melding of accompaniment or backdrop arrangements. The cuts that do focus on sampling and jazz and provide pause for other instruments stand out and are quite infectious. There is enough diversity here that this will be a positive addition to diversify your collection

Several tunes have guest appearances which really mean nothing other to us than an added obscure vocals. What we do like is the variety in vocal styles which provide a freshness to accompany Able8's DJ prowess. "R.P.M" is one of the better vocal frenzy that mixes in some sensual female vocals and vibrantly original acoustics, great variety throughout this tune. "Fagin" gets back to the jazz element and cool sampling and they bring it down on "Over Here" with a little slick sax undercurrent. Able8 really solidifies the album with high-end production that supports Benny's complex lyrics and rhyming. The eleven tracks do gel together and intertwine the different vocal styles very well to bring forth enough diverse hip hop and keep you entertained.

Overall Benny Diction and Able8 have put together a mature album. While there are several tracks that feature excessive lyrics with no room for pause, they have a chemistry that woks well and if listened to from start to finish will impress. Listening to a few tracks in isolation may not play out as well to the casual Jazz rap fan. - 4/6/2014

Standout Tracks: R.P.M.
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