Space Drifter
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Stoner rock, Blues
Sounds Like:
All Them Witches, Radio Moscow
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Hot off the press, the debt album from Norway’s Bernelius entitled Space Drifter. This one is loaded with hyper-groove fretwork, distorted vocals and infectious melodies. The five-piece band infuse sporadic spoken word that blends familiar Scandinavian deep blues with more classic stoner rock. Lead singer Bob Felix Bernelius Hegdal exhibits positive energy delivering quite a bit of variety and charisma to their debut album.

Track Listing:
1. Cocoon (5:17)
2. Pow (4:05)
3. Light the Fuse (7:27)
4. Black Fissure (4:31)
5. Captain Hill (4:28)
6. Voodoo Queen (6:17)
7. To My Fellow Space Drifters (4:23)
8. Funeral Pyre (5:12)
9. Hooks (7:10)
10. Grand Vizier Blues (4:24)

If we only had a few bucks to spare, what two tracks would we download?

"Light the Fuse" weaves anthemic melodies with very dark overtones. Some of the best guitar-work on the album bleeds through on this track. We hear hints of Mastodon along with some progressive rock appeal that is very polished. “To My Fellow Space Drifters” takes the top award for song on the album. While we are suckers for a little muffled vocal effect, we tend to even more cling to tracks that can put you in a certain mood albeit a bit dark and ominous. This track will take you away.

Are there any distracting moments?
Its interesting that the opening track "Cocoon" is perhaps the most conventional or commercially appealing on Space Drifter that distracts for the remainder of the album. "Pow" moves things in a more positive direction and the remaining tracks do not look back. We ask that you not let the tone of the opener impact your overall take on the album. Even our fear of “blues” titled tracks is assuaged by the dynamic angst and impressive vocals on the closer "Grand Vizier Blues"

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Get a pack of Vermont's Long Trail Space Juice. This 8.70 (ABV) American Double Imperial IPA and its dark fruity taste is the perfect companion to Bernelius.

What are our Final Thoughts for Space Drifter?
While the album art drew us into this one thinking it would be some straight-shooting stoner rock, thankfully that was not the case. Bernelius are authentic blues enthusiasts and this shines through on Space Drifter. The album exceeds our expectations with some very authentic energy and variety. Put this one in heavy rotation and add file it with quality blues Scandinavian rock albums. - 3/15/2017

Band Members:
Bob Felix Bernelius Hegdal
Reidar Standahl Håndstad
Are Guttorm Nordbø
Bjørn-Arne Karlsen
Benjamin Dan Ravn Fahre

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