Beta Radio
(Seven Sisters)
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Americana, Folk
Sounds Like:
Avett Brothers, The Last Bison
The debut album from North Carolina's Beta Radio is a heartfelt genuine blend of Americana and Indie folk. The duo of Benjamin Mabry (vocals, guitar and harmonium) and Brent Holloman (guitar, banjo, piano, glockenspiel, bass, and vocals) is accompanied by a variety of additional talented musicians. There is beauty in the album's simplicity and lead singer Mabry's soothing, warm and distinctive vocals. The album features pleasant acoustic guitar, upright bass, occasional horns/strings and mandolin/banjo playing to compliment Mabry's great voice. Seven Sisters features superb story telling much akin to the great Avett Brothers.

The album is refreshingly positive and is loaded with simplistic moments described in such a important and picturesque way. Track 5 "Brother/Sister" is one of the most heartwarming tunes we have heard in a long time with lyrics like "Lost it seems, brother the days that we could wrestle on the floor of the living room, shedding our cocoons. Oh the telescope, oh the crescent moon". The descriptive experiences and sentimental moments are brilliant supported by some persistent banjo and very powerful ending. The album does contain some very well placed religious references, not overdone and not preaching, just heartfelt and pointed. Track 9, "Pleiades," is another standout track, with some of the cleanest acoustic guitar work supported by subtle piano. The song reminds us of a soothing Simon & Garfunkel with heady lyrics like "They drink the wine of the new design that makes the broken-hearted whole, the dragon came as he did before tempting all into his door. He wears stars as his disguise but a second time he will not rise"

"Seven Sisters" is a beautifully crafted album that was not just slapped together. Each song seems brilliantly placed. The memories and experiences transcribed within each track are classy and made with clarity. The album stays within its boundaries and has a very genuine feel often missing from much of the albums released these days. One of the gauge's we use for an impactful band or artist is when they can integrate lines such as "oh uh oh oh oh" or "ba da da da" and it fits so well. You need strong vocals and good song-writing to make this work. This album is for fans of heartfelt modern folk. If you enjoy the Avett Brothers, we would be shocked if you do not take strongly to this album. As you can see, very few negatives to highlight here outside of the lackluster band name.  Just 40 minutes authentic and candid beauty.

Also, look for the deluxe edition of this album featuring the two extra songs "The Man Grows" and "Window at the Wake". These are very powerful and heartfelt songs not to be missed. - 7/13/2014

Either Way – 2:16
Darden Road – 4:20
Where Losers Do – 3:24
Hello Lovely – 2:01
Brother, Sister – 5:49
Khima – 2:23
Borderline – 3:42
Highlight on the Hill – 3:23
Pleiades – 2:54
A Place for Me – 5:27
Return to Darden Road – 3:21

Standout Tracks: Brother/Sister, Pleiades, A Man Grows
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