Bethlehem Steel
(Party Naked Forever)
Crank this to 8.2 of 11
Sounds Like:
Coathangers, The Kills
Booming Brooklyn... the next Austin? Well each year the most populous borough seems to spawn intriguing talent as the music scene expands. In the midst are natives Bethlehem Steel delivering some refreshing heartfelt rock & roll with splashes of punk/hardcore. The foursome’s third release is their strongest to date, as the ten tracks weave together powerfully. After several rotations we found ourselves fixated on the sultry poignant vocals and fretwork of Rebecca. While we have yet to catch them live, it’s the type of raw energy album that makes you want to experience the band’s on stage movement and expression. While sonically pleasing, the tight song structure and well thought out lyrics steal the show end of the day.

Vocal Performance
8.7 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy
5.8 out of 11

Lyrics and Song Structure
9.0 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess
8.3 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
8.4 out of 11

6.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
8.8 out of 11
Intriguing indeed- compliments to the Artwork by Nicole Rifkin. Bold simplicity.

Production Value
8.1 out of 11

Standout Track:
The closer "Yolk" is a stunning track truly setting itself apart from the pack with its vivid contrast and rich melodies. The swirling guitar-work and impressive bass-lines intertwine exceptionally with terrific hooks.

Alcohol Pairing:
We highly recommend Brooklyn’s own Sixpoint Brewery and their wheat ale entitled Sweet Action. 5% ABV filled blonde ale, part wheat beer and part ale. Key Ingredients Early-harvested Simcoe hops give Sweet Action a peachy aroma, while Canadian White Wheat smoothes out the body and gives the beer that hazy look.

Lasting Impression:
Party Naked Forever will entertain after its first rotation and provides deeper enjoyment as you pay particular attention to the lyrics. Bethlehem Steal continue to strengthen their sound on this latest release and will pull the listener into a fervor for their live act. We look forward to the opportunity of catching them live. - 1/9/2018

Track Listing:
1. Alt Shells 03:25
2. Fig 03:11
3. Klonopintrest 02:31
4. Florida 2 03:07
5. Deep Back 04:21
6. Finger It Out 03:56
7. Untitled Entitlement 02:41
8. Support Each Other 00:30
9. Donnie 02:17
10. Yolk 02:50

Band Members:
Vocals & Guitar: Rebecca Ryskalczyk
Bass: Patrick Ronayne, Rebecca Ryskalczyk, Adam Reich
Drums: Jon Gernhart

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