Black Atlantic
(Enshrine EP)
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Folk, Indie
Sounds Like:
Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes
Folk music can have a sense of calmness and give off an aura that can make one feel the artists’ emotions or even self-reflect on occasion. The Black Atlantic, from the Netherlands is a folk band that has many of these traits. Their first release was in 2009 with Fallen Trees than 2012 saw the release of Darkling, I Listen EP. Now we are treated to a pleasant, calming EP with 2013’s Enshrine. Singer and songwriter Geert van der Velde is the architect behind this band and his songs on this EP are thoughtful, endearing and are sure to entice fans of Fleet Foxes to Band of Horses.

Track one, "Haul" is a soft, easy song that will calm the nerves; it’s just acoustics and singing… nothing more. The lyrics here are a bit depressing, but hey, it creates a captivating story. Speaking of the singing, Gert van der Velde slightly resembles the great Jon Anderson from Yes (in the latter part of his career). His falsetto vocals are like a sedative as it will bring your heart rate down a bit.

Moving on to "Enshrine," this song has a quicker pace, though not by much and the acoustics carry a rhythm that is a bit hypnotic. We would love to hear this track expand for another minute or two with just acoustics. The last cut "Amor Fati" just continues the pace we hear from the first two and again we are subject to  some interesting, somewhat dark lyrics.

Enshrine is a nice EP to add to your collection, it will inject some diversity into your folk, indie playlists and check-out their previous albums as well. We hear they plan on releasing new material sometime in 2014, so if this is up your alley, than there may be more to look forward to. - 6/29/2014

Standout Tracks: All three songs
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