Black Cobra
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Hardcore, Sludge
Sounds Like:
Cavity, Akimbo
Black Cobra was a pleasant anomaly when they arose from the unfortunate demise of Cavity, the legendary stoner sludge-core band from the late 90’s. They are a two-piece band with only percussion and guitar that could strip the paint from your walls; with their sonic onslaught of fuzz, crushing drums, and raspy lung wrenching vocals.

On their first two releases, Bestial and Feather and Stone, they maintained elements from their Cavity stoner/sludge roots that kept each bleak onslaught engaging because most of the songs would maintain a section of groove that would balance them nicely and kept them from unrelenting speed metal. Unfortunately, first on Chronomega, and now Invernal, they misstep a bit because they leave any remaining elements from Cavity behind for full brutality that doesn’t end. Each song seems to sprint into the next without any letup and that causes the listener to become exhausted rather than stimulated. Though not bad by any stretch, you feel like they have much more to offer in terms of musical depth than just straight up speed metal.

Standout Track: Avalanche
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