Blood Fire Moon
(Ready to Roll)
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Sounds Like:
What a great album cover to lure us in, it’s vibrant and what’s not to like about a skull and a crow? We thought this could be some new fuzz to add to our heavy rotation. However, the debut EP from The Netherlands-based BolldFireMoon is far from all fuzzy, it’s a mid-tempo rock album with tons of possibilities. The heaviness of the first two cuts feels a bit forced while we gravitated to the last two songs as they felt more natural.

1. Ready to Roll 04:22
2. Tumbledown 04:31
3. The Muse 05:14
4. Solstice 06:10

What are the highlights of the album?
We found “The Muse” to be the best track with its calm and honest sound. This song is the mellowest of the bunch, yet it felt the most natural. Its soft acoustics and the laid back vocals of Rikki Khanna are at his best here, perhaps this is the direction the band should head in, forgo the heavy rock.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Go with the legendary brew from The Netherlands, Groslch beer.

Final thoughts for Ready to Roll.
These three gents are talented musicians as there is a ton of potential just waiting to burst out here. Perhaps they will craft a more original sound on their follow-up. 1/13/2018

Band Members:
Guitar and Voice - Rikki Khanna
Bass - Ryan Wolters
Drums - Tim Hardie
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