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Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Emerging from the depths of Minneapolis we welcome Bloodnstuff, a two-piece rock outfit combining alternative and progressive rock that is sure catch the attention of many music enthusiasts. Their style is a heavy driven groove, with countless change-ups along with clear and distinguished power vocals.

The opening track, "Give Me a Call", which lays the foundation for the album, is extremely catchy, with steady percussion and infectious guitar work. The sound is very full and you would never know this is a two-piece band. As we move on to the track, "Bloodnstuff", it sounds like a Wolfmother tribute song, it's still a worthy listen. Onward to "Fire Out At Sea", which has some dynamic guitar licks and underlying heavy rhythms that keep the steamboat moving at a steady pace.

The album falls apart a bit on "It’s Fun to Be a Kid", which features excessive vocals that really hurt the mood and feel of the album. The song is an ear sore and far too long with many repetitive hooks. Bloodnstuff bounce back with "One Day Roses" and "Build a Monster". "Diet Cola", is one of the best songs on the album as they infuse some impressive jams. The last three songs could use less vocals and more instrumental arrangements.

No question that the vocals are at times excessive and hurt the overall rating of this album. Bloodnstuff is another band that needs to better appreciate the power of blending vocals and not making it the forefront all the time. Unfortunately the album is not in heavy rotation as we find it lacks depth and luster. Nonetheless, the album does have some very impressive moments and it is certainly worth your attention.

Standout Tracks:
Diet Cola, One Day Roses
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