Blue Aside
The Orange Tree
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Doom, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like:
Ethereal Riffian, Opeth
Thursday, May 12, 2016
The Boston based trio Blue Aside has found a way to slip under the radar even though one of our offices is located just outside bean-town. The band delivers what we like to call cathartic doom. The five track EP features steady and relaxing rhythms that will comfort your mindset. What Blue Aside excels at is dramatic contrast in vocals meandering between death and heavenly psychedelic verse.


1. The Traveler Of Time And Space (5:23)
2. Otis' Sun (7:32)
3. Orange Eyes (9:03)
4. Black Rays (6:48)
5. The Inevitable Journey (7:33)
Total Time 36:19

Adam Abrams / Guitar, Vocals
Matt Netto / Drums, Vocals
Joe Twomey / Bass, Vocals
Released by Hydro-Phonic

The opener, “The Traveler of Time & Space” starts off simplistically with little flare and standard death vocal doom fare. At about the 2:40 mark we become pleasantly surprised with the more advanced rhythms and spacious vocals. The swirling guitars add a lot of flavor and intensity as Adam Abrams closes the track with an intense solo.

“Otis’ Sun” is a seven minute wonder. Very inspirational track that contrasts dark and evil. The soft vocals are heartwarming and we love the melody that is driven home here. This track blends quite well with “Orange Eyes” the lengthiest track on the album. There is a ton of originality on this track as the varied vocals work so well with the guitar melody. Subtle acoustic guitar kicks in midway through the five minute mare that launches the track into otherworldliness.

"Black Rays" is perhaps our least favorite track as Alice Cooper with a punk edge derails us a bit. We appreciate the variety. The guitar work however does not disappoint on this track. There are some very impressive licks throughout.

The closer "The Inevitable Journey" is the heaviest of the five tracks. An instrumental onslaught for the first two and a half minutes. Quirky vocals ensue which work quite as we hear some classic Galactic Cowboy influences.

The Orange Tree is an impressively diverse album. Doom fans looking for something a bit different need to give this one a listen. The album will grow on you after each rotation as the multiple layers in vocal style and strong guitar work will take a more defined shape. Give this one time as the gents from Boston have quite the vision. We look forward to exploring some of their other works. - 5/13/2016

Standout Tracks: The Inevitable Journey, Otis’ Sun
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