Bodies Of Water
A Certain Feeling
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Indie, Folk Rock
Sounds Like:
Dark Dark Dark, Lost in the Trees, Polyphonic Spree
Sunday, April 17, 2016
What a perfectly titled album. A Certain Feeling will drown you in delight after the first full listen and certainly evoke a unique feeling. Bodies of Water capture the revival hippie era and blend it into something very much their own. The theatrical nature of this album is so exceptional it will be enjoyed by most within your circle of family and friends. The album stretches many genres from folk rock, the 60s and 70s revival movement, to Broadway quintessential artistic storytelling and classic hard rock.
For some godforsaken reason this band and this album have flown way the fuck under the radar since 2008. The Los Angeles based quartet have created something very special in their sophomore release. Having only released three full lengths, the husband-and-wife team and their band mates have put their heart and soul in this one.

Track Listing:
1. Gold, Tan, Peach, And Grey  
2. Under The Pines  
3. Only You  
4. Water Here  
5. Keep Me On  
6. Darling, Be Here  
7. Even In A Cave  
8. If I Were A Bell  
9. The Mud Gapes Open

The first track "Gold Tan Peach and Gray" starts off a little shaky but goddamnit give it a chance as once you get past the first 20 seconds this album soars. You'll experience the diversity and quality production within this first track as a myriad of vocal styles ensue with playful banter. Check out the harmony and the high-pitched 70s Rush influenced scorching from female vocalist Metcalf. "Under the Pines" is an absolute blissful track perhaps one of the best on the album. The melodies are so poignant and the build up is eagerly inviting.

The third track, "Only You," contains an eclectic mix of instruments from the clarinet, piano, and brass sections to the organ. The key here is the melancholy vocals are the focal point but the background subtleties mesh so well to make this song magical. "Water Here" whisks us into a theatrical atmosphere and the central theme to the album. Fans of Broadway will be enticed but the mix of organ and brass make for a very different experience. "Keep Me On" is a plodding ominous track that uses French horn to add to its unique feel.

Enter the heaviest track on the album, "Darling Be Here" where hints of the Tragically Hip and First Aid Kit intermingle during the first few minutes. Check out the brilliant tempo changes a little bit after the the two minute mark absolutely stunning. "Even in a Cave" commences with very dark and mellow undertones. The song builds steadily and they continue with the surprisingly hard rock edge along with a flurry of tempo changes. The brass section becomes more prominent while a progressive rock vibe emirates through this track. Innovative and refreshing no doubt. "If I Were a Bell" provides splashes of Polyphonic Spree and and Radiohead. The six minute journey could very well have been the closer however we appreciate the quirkiness within the two minute closer "Mud Gapes Open".

Listen, we realize that eight years have passed since the making of this album and and the likelihood of it getting any popularity is remote. But goddamnit we have a sense of responsibility to point out thus hidden gem flying way the fuck on the radar for no apparent reason.

A Certain Feeling is a wonderful album with tremendous diversity and flavors for all types of audiences. Their sound is expansive much like their name. Ultimately Bodies of Water have put forth an inspirational unique work of art. We will certainly be seeking out there are other works and bi-products. - 4/18/2016

Standout Track:
Under The Pines, Only You, Even in a Cave
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