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Passenger, Bastille
Well we guess it is somewhat debatable. Is this pop or is this contemporary folk? With the influx of contemporary folk bands since the success of Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons we feel we can be critical and decisive here. Bombadil are a pop group with folk roots being from North Carolina. The foursome take their name from a character from The Lord of the Rings, Tom Bomadil. In case you are curious, Tom is an elf on the taller side who is a merry fellow. "His sponge are stronger songs, and his feet are faster". Lead singer Daniel Michalak has a very jovial hobbit-like tone to his voice perhaps further supporting the name. For a pop album there are some signature radio friendly tunes with your predictable hooks and melodies.

Track 1: Angeline - A very catch radio friendly tune. We enjoy the body and crispness of the song. - 8

Track 2: Learning To Let Go - excellent hook with the vocals mimicking the acoustic guitar part. We like the subtle horns. - 7.5

Track 3: Born At 5:00 -  Country pop feel with a soothing banjo that gets a bit drowned out by the "Lorde" like drum/syth beats. Stronger lyrics than most of the songs on the album. - 8.5

Track 4: Isn’t It Funny - Good hook, but destroyed by painful pop infusion of Eminem-like rap. Why go there? - 3

Track 5: Boring Country Song - Blah... heard it before. A song about a song. Jethro Tull was the originator of this and it has now become quite old hack. - 4

Track 6: Have Me - Sappy and quite boring….sounds very much like that song by A Great Big World called "Say Something" - 4

Track 7: Patience Is Expensive - Middle of the road. Good piano work. - 6

Track 8: When We Are Both Cats - Original and good lyrics. Providing us a glimmer of redemption - 8

Track 9: Whaling Vessel - Paints some nice images and better lyrics. - 7

Track 10: What Does It Mean - Features Michalak's vocals. Different technique with vocals. We appreciate the variety. - 6.5

Track 11: One More Ring - Very basic with a "camp town races" hook. The harmonica does not excite us here. - 5

Track 12: Escalators - Celtic feel, but a bit bland. Not sure we get the "if I if I if I if I" melody technique. - 6

Track 13: Thank You - Trying go get a little too deep on us. We prefer Zeppelin's version and lyrics. - 5

Average of the above thirteen tracks is 6.0 on the rotation dial.

As you can see from above there are some bright spots on the album, but certain tracks fall way off the mark really damaging the listener's experience. After several listens the poorly rated songs really take their toll. Bombadil's Metrics of Affection is apply named and certainly hits all over the emotional spectrum. The band's potential for success may be overshadowed by the much more powerful and eccentric Passenger whose album is going through the roof on the pop charts. Nonetheless, we appreciate this form of pop much more than the other singes and one-hite wonders currently hitting the charts. - 7/29/2014

Standout Tracks: Angeline, Born At 5:00
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