Breakfast in Fur
(Flyaway Garden)
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Indie, Rock, Dream pop
Sounds Like:
Lush, Pale Saints, Cranes
Hailing from New Paltz, New York, artist enthusiasts, Breakfast in Fur, deliver a lackluster 36 minute foray through the world of dream pop, indie rock and shoegaze. Named after a famous 1936 sculpture by Meret Oppenheim, Breakfast in Fur continue the artistic theme with their album title 'Flyaway Garden', referencing fellow band member's visual art display (Kaitlan Van Pelt).

Track Listing:
1 - Shape
2 - Portrait
3 - Aurora Falls
4 - Whisper
5 - Lifter
6 - Ghum
7 - Setting Stone
8 - Cripple Creek Ferry
9 - Flyaway Garden
10 - Episode
11 - Sun Catcher

Overall the album has some ethereal and very relaxing moments. The ambient / dream pop influence shine throughout the album. Unfortunately, the album never grabs the listener and becomes quite choppy as tracks like 'Shape' and 'Portrait' get us off to a very slow start. While a bit on the short side at 36 minutes, the album has a few moments that catch our attention, but ultimately never gain any chemistry.  'Lifter is a wonderful song that really goes off the board with its grass roots flute-work and warmth. We would have liked to see more of this carry through the album. Another bright spot, is Breakfast in Fur's remake of the Neil Young classic, 'Cripple Creek Ferry'. The cover is quite intriguing as the band melds a variety of influences such as dream pop, progressive rock, and folk roots rock. The third bright spot on the album is the solemn 'Episode' where singer Van Pelt provides an unfiltered raw and inspirational performance.

Unfortunately its these three highlights that are the only above average moments on the album. Breakfast in Fur lack connectivity throughout the 36 minute foray. 'Flyaway Garden' feels more like a bunch of demos and is quite choppy in its overall delivery.  Perhaps the band's intention was to show more edge and diversity to their music. But to be frank, we enjoy their simple dream pop formula. - 3/29/2015

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