Brightblack Morning Light
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Modern Folk, Psychedelic folk
Sounds Like:
Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear
Friday, October 18, 2013
Mellow, mellow, lazy vocals accompanied with a hippie and sometimes Native American-like feel. Brightblack Morning Light self-titled album is definitely a unique one that fosters a subdued feeling of open outdoor space. Don’t look for any peaks or intensity on this album, it is a steady simmer of laid back folk and deep bass and percussion. Very cool sporadic use of the flute and trombone including a plethora of unique piano accompaniment.

The album may have been influenced by multiple hits off the peace pipe. Track 4, "Star Blanket River Child" is the standout 10-minute plus tune with some very deep bluesy wawa guitar work and brass section accompaniment. Lock yourself in a dark room and play this album straight through. Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure and induce euphoria.

Unfortunately the constant unwavering lazy vocals bring this one down a notch. We get the simplistic steady vibe and their unique sound. Definitely not a band that you can match up directly with other similar sounds. Give them a listen if you are looking to add more mellow to your collection.

Standout Track:
Star Blanket River Child
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