Brown Widow
(India Ink)
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Indie, Folk
Sounds Like:
Blind Melon, Polyphonic Spree, Bright Eyes
The debut album from Brown Widow entitled India Ink deserves your attention. The seven piece folk rock band hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina have put out an extremely entertaining and emotional album. The album is packed with very unique vocals accompanied by very tight acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and percussion work.  What makes this album better than a lot of new indie folk we have heard these days is the depth within the vocal arrangements. JJ and Emma weave back and forth delivering a very genuine chemistry. Each song provides a new emotional feel that is underscored by the wildly intriguing songwriting. Ultimately the product is raw vocal energy that is so intelligently delivered our affinity grows with each listen.

Track Listing:
1. Rite About You (3:29)
2. Swimming (3:58)
3. Penny$ (3:01)
4. Wild Squall (4:10)
5. Spit (1:44)
6. Ahhhh No (6:10)
7. Thirsty Flowers (2:51)
8. Big Ol’ Universe (3:39)
9. Week Six (4:40)
10. You’re Fired (3:27)
11. Dead Poets (4:01)

There is not a weak track amongst the eleven. As you sample this album on BandCamp absolutely check-out the rawness and authenticity delivered in "Swimming" a campfire jam session that will send chills throughout between the change-ups and emotional chants. Contrast this with the mellow beauty in "Big Ol’ Universe". Love the metaphors and slow build-up. Poignant acoustics within "Penny$" and "You’re Fired" also worth your initial attention. From there we will have to believe you will be sucked in.

Band Members:
J.J. Storniolo: guitars, vocals, etc.
Evan Baker: guitars, vocals, etc.
Emma Nelson: vocals, etc.
Gary Miller: mandolin, etc.
Brent Drew: bass, vocals, elf, etc.
Chip McDonald: banjo, vocals, etc.
Taylor McDonalds: drums/percussion, etc.

Brown Widow is the backbone of why Rotation11 was formed. Here is a band with tremendous talent currently well under the radar just getting started. While there is very little information out about Brown Widow, we look forward to learning more and following their future successes. This crew has some serious talent with some very unique chemistry currently lacking in so many bands these days. Grab this on on BandCamp and you will not be disappointed. -  1/6/2015

Standout Tracks: Swimming, Big Ol’ Universe
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