Bumper Jacksons
(Sweet Mama Sweet Daddy Come In)
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Americana swing, Delta blues
Sounds Like:
Squirrel Nut Zippers, Royal Crown Revue
The Bumper Jacksons is an eclectic group of seven members based out of Washington, D.C. featuring the clarinet trombone, banjo, washboard, bass, pedal steel and a variety of unique percussion. Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy Come In is filled with great folk harmonies and fun swing party rag-time music.

The style is quite varied but the core sound is generated from early blues and street jazz. The backbone of the band is made up of lead singer, Jess Eliot Myhre and Chris Ousley on the banjo. Jess Eliot is a refreshing delight. Her sultry 30's swing vocal style warms your blood and infuses energy throughout the album. Her playful high-pitched voice is stellar and her talent on the clarinet is spectacular. Chris adds some core bluegrass flavor to the album along with well done support vocals. The album contains a diverse set of tunes weaving in and out of different styles of Americana to form a very entertaining album. "Darlin Corey" is a great tune, very warming to the heart, featuring some terrific clarinet chops. "Thats My Gal" has some classic 30's banter back and forth with blissful bass-work. The band also covers a Tom Waits tune "Clap Hands" with some resourceful percussion thrown in as a twist. "St. Claude's Waltz" best represents Jess Eliot's beautiful voice. The song is very stripped down and vulnerable with some very solid string accompaniment. The last track "The Bacon Adoration" is a fun for the whole family tune featuring the kazoo and some classic humor.

Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In is an impressive diverse album that will add some splendor to your collection. If you are looking for something a bit more uplifting that will add some spice to your next gathering and perhaps get some of your more mellow guest onto the dance floor for a more unique experience give this one a gander. Having formed in 2012, the Bumper Jacksons have a very bright future ahead. We look forward to following their growth and new material to come. - 6/15/2014

Standout Tracks:
Darlin Corey, That's My Girl
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