Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Heavy rock, Post rock
Sounds Like:
My Sleeping Karma, MOEWN, Torche
Take the beauty of My Sleeping Karma, throw in some heavy fuzz and a bit of sludge and you have the recipe for one mighty terrific album. The latest release by U.K.’s Cegvera is just this. The instrumental trio has enlightened us with five moody tracks of dense majestic heaviness. Compared to their previous release, Fractals, this album shows the band having a more patient spirit. The songs breathe and are a bit more spacious, as much as we like Fractals, it’s always promising when we see a band expand on their sound.

1. Centralia 03:02
2. Iguala 05:03
3. Aral Sea 05:31
4. Mosul 05:50
5. Latrun 05:10

What are the highlights of the album?
The third track “Aral Sea” stuck a chord with us. The post rock influence comes into play and it’s a wonderful transition from the heavy. “Iguala” is another superb cut where you can feel the heaviness when played at high volumes, plus the transition right into “Aral Sea” is spot on.

What two words best describe Creations?
Majestic and Expansive.

How is the production?
The production is excellent, it’s clean with a combination of dense and expansive rythems.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album.
Bells Oberon Ale. This 5.80% ABV ale is refreshing with a mild fruit aroma, complimenting this album very well.

Final thoughts on Creations.
Creations is another intense instrumental heavy album that is currently flying under the radar. They have a particular sound that slightly differentiates them from this crowded genre. We also highly recommend picking up their previous album as well. - 11/8/2017

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