Celestial Wolves
(Illusive Landscape of Expression)
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Post rock, Post metal
Sounds Like:
God is an Astronaut, Red Sparrowes, Callisto
Fans of Post-rock and metal, it’s time to rejoice, we have a new player in town, Belgium’s very own Celestial Wolves. This five-piece instrumental band has delivered a very inspiring sophomore release with Illusive Landscape of Expression. They have also previously put out two other albums; the Callisto EP (2012) and debut full length Wood For Wood (2013). Released through Dunk!Records label, their latest release possesses all the ingredients necessary for a top notch Post rock album, it’s melodic, dynamic and powerful.

Track Listing:
1. Alithia – 5:20
2. Jericho – 9:15
3. Rebellion Era – 6:24
4. Re-Entry - 7:07
5. Après Moi Le Déluge – 4:40
6. The Light – 9:10

Upon first listen, the album will slowly pull you into their atmospheric Post-rock world with “Alithia.” You can feel the song gaining momentum and it’s very inspiring. With a clean production, all the instruments have a chance to shine and this is crucial for a Post-rock album. Where sludge, doom and even stoner rock can benefit from lo-fi, analog production, we feel Post-rock should be crisp and clean, even some feedback and distortion is always welcome. The second track “Jericho” is an absolute gem, this track travels through various layers of Post-rock, stoner, and even some underlying doom can be heard. The change in rhythm at the 5:18 mark is flawless, it sounds as if Jesus Lizard and God is an Astronaut are at a jam session.

The album continues to impress with “Rebellion Era” and “Re-Entry,” there is a bit of shoegaze to be found among these songs.  They are also extremely mesmerizing and fluent, “Re-Entry” is just inspiring Post-rock at its finest. You’ll find yourself easily consumed and nothing else matters, taking you away from everyday life for a moment or two. “Après Moi Le Déluge” mixes thing up a bit with its subtle start stop rhythm and this takes us to the final cut “The Light.” This track is one hell of an atmospheric, full sounding Post-rock juggernaut as the title does the song justice, it’s moody and uplifting at the same time, a great way to bring things to a close.

Band Members:
Joris (guitar)
Wouter (bass)
Thierry (guitar)
Mathieu (drums)
Dieter ( guitar)

Celestial Wolves have given us an original and vibrant sounding album which can be extremely difficult to pull off in this genre. Not to say their influences don’t show through, because they do, they just seem to harness this Post-rock sound and make it their own. - 12/10/2015

Standout Tracks: Jericho, Re-Entry, Alithia
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