Chance's End
(Down The Doors)
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Electronica, Hip Hop
Sounds Like:
sToa, Lindsey Stirling, Escala
Chance's End has a very distinctive trip-hop style, blending folk, soul, jazz, and electronica into their third and most impressive album to date. The San Francisco based band refreshed their sound in 2010 with the addition of lead singer Emily Zisman. Emily has a rich background in folk music and joined forces with the classically trained violinist, Ryan Avery. Interestingly enough, we find Emily's vocals on this album to have more of a soul and R&B feel than her folk upbringing. Ryan's precision on the violin is entrancing. His talents alone warrant your giving Down The Doors its full attention. The two talents have fused an album filled with melodic violin and soulful vocals all set to a diverse  downtempo electronica and trip-hop.

1- Intro to Superman (3:18)
2- Superman (5:05)
3- Dragonfly (4:48)
4- Miles From Dawn (4:06)
5- December (3:23)
6- Falling Fleeting (2:11)
7- Gravity (4:34)
8- Sleeping On The Interstate (5:17)
9- Strong As a Melody (4:03)
10- The Blue Because (8:22)
11- Peculiar (4:14)
12- Germany (5:42)

Our four favorite tracks include the lyrically inspiring "Superman," the mellow and relaxing vibe of "Gravity," the eight minute violin masterpiece in "The Blue Because," and the very dark finale of "Germany". The album flows very well in its entirety and the band has really taken their time to put together a well thought out full-length. Our only minor gripe is the poppy and sometimes redundant track "Peculiar," but even this track we found grew on us after five or six listens. We also want to point out the high-end electronica that Avery is not overdone. The electronica is very well produced and really feeds into an exceptional headphone experience. Chance's End delivers a very rich and full sound.

Emily Zisman - vocals
Ryan Avery - violin/production
Jeff Drudge - bass on track 7
Ben Bogart - bandoneon on track 3

Our mission at Rotation11 is to expose bands that should not go unheard. While we are on the east coast something tells us that when Chance's End puts on a show in the Bay area more and more buzz ensues. We look forward to seeing them prosper as a band and only hope that they see the powerful chemistry both play is worth their perseverance.  Zisman and Avery are two very talented individuals that we would love to see live and in the flesh once they gain momentum to hit a countrywide tour. - 11/13/2014

Standout Tracks: Germany, Superman, The Blue Because
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