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Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
The Black Angels, The Doors, Puppy Bubble
Colora is a four piece band hailing from Baltimore Maryland. The self-titled album is their first full-length work since releasing two EPs back in 2013. The album has a very classic 60s feel with mono-truistic production splashing in various elements of surf-rock. Dark monotone vocals dominate and at times are awkward against a  Beach Boy guitar vibe. The guitar-work and reverb are very solid and to not tire.

Track Listing:
1. Empty Room - 3:57
2. Morning Light - 3:19
3. Can You Really Say - 4:11
4. June ’67 - 5:04
5. Daydream Deceiver - 3:14
6. The Sutton Place Summonings - 3:47
7. Blue Eyed Witch - 4:37
8. Happening Gir l- 3:23
9. Tired Eyes - 4:15
10. Wait For You - 4:23

The album delivers pockets of entertaining and tight guitar-work along with some interesting lyrics. There are a variety of tracks that really look to embody the sound of Jim Morrison and there is no escaping this comparison as the mimicked inflections become quite obvious. While some tracks deliver depth and a unique vibe, there are a handful of cover-like elements.

Our favorite three tracks include "Can You Really Say" which gives off a Golden Earring vibe with its steady intense guitar rhythm. This track delivers something a bit different from all the others. They seem more patient on this track and deliver some very nice build-up and soft and heavy contrast. "Blue Eyed Witch" at first sounds like the Blues Brothers are going to kick in but it morphs nicely into an enjoyable dreary dark track with a few interesting twists. Lastly the "Tired Eyes" is the third track standing out from the bunch. The guitar-work is sensational on this track as the Colora infuses more feedback and wawa peddle. This track could have easily let the jams drift for a 10 minute diddy, but they keep things concise and entertaining.

Kevin Cash - guitar, keyboard  
Joe De La Paz - vocals, guitar
Aaron Hopkins - drums
Adam Sommers - bass, guitar  

Overall Colora delivers a solid effort on their first full length. Our opinion is that they would be better build off perhaps letting the songs take shape and the jams unfold. Perhaps reducing the number of tracks and going off on some tangents. There are a handful of tracks that really go nowhere and try too hard to pull out the spirit of Jim. We look forward to Colora hopefully developing their sound a bit further and letting things loose. The album is certainly worth your time and a download off BandCamp. - 1/29/2016

Standout Tracks: Can You Really Say, Blue Eyed Witch
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